Friday, 6 January 2012

Im Crazy For You

It was a warm day, Twice as warm as everyone was wearing black. One of the worst days of my life had finally struck. My Dad's funeral. Him and his best friend, Who just happens to be my boyfriend Aston's dad. They where killed in car crash, Died the exact same time and place together. I was so close to my dad, I guess I was daddy's little girl and Aston, He did EVERYTHING with his Dad. I looked over to my Mum tears streaming down her cheeks, She was stood with Siobhan, Aston's Mum as they cried. Aston took my hand into his interlocking our fingers as we entered the building, We sat down as did everyone else and Aston placed his arm around my shoulders as I rest my head onto his chest. Everyone had a little speech, Some made me laugh some made a few tears fall down my cheeks. It came to me and Aston and I looked at him and he stroked my cheek and a lump formed in my throat, As we went up onto the stage, He stood behind me wrapping his arms around my wasit and resting his head on my shoulder as everyone awed and I smiled slightly.
"So err" I stuttered as I looked up to Aston.
"My Dad...He meant everything to me, We did everything together, He helped me with my homework, Sports, Bullies and Girls, How I managed to find the courage to ask my beautiful babygirl out...Its gonna be weird not having him around anymore but I know he'll still be right here" Aston spoke as he moved his hand onto his chest, He placed it back around my waist and kissed my cheek softly. I opened my mouth but nothing came out, I looked at my Mum and the state she was in, I looked at my grandparents and the state they where in, I looked at the flowers spelling out 'My Dad' and I looked to the open doors before pushing Aston off me and running outside towards my Dad's grave as the tears spilled down my cheeks, I sat down hugging my knees as my tears soaked through my tights onto my bare legs.
Two arms wrapped around me and I cried more knowing it was Aston, I turned around and cuddled him as I cried into his chest. We where sat there for about half an hour just cuddling as I cried, But Aston didnt cry once, I managed to dry my eyes as I noticed everyone leaving to go home looking over at us with heartbroken faces.
"Gemma" My Mum called her voice shaking as she came down the stoney path followed by Siobhan, I stood up and ran over to her as she wrapped her arms around me as I started crying again. 
"I cant belive he's gone" I cried into her shoulder.
"I know honey, We'll get through this, He'll always be with you, Like Aston said...In here" She smiled prodding where my heart is, I wiped my eyes and cheeks as siobhan handed me a tissue.
 "Siobhan's asked if we want to go there's for tea tonight you coming or do you want to go home" She asked wiping away my stray tear, I shrugged and looked down.
"I think Aston would want you to come" Siobhan spoke as I kept my head down.
"She's right, I do want you to come" He whispered as my mum and Siobhan slowly walked away giving us a moment, I kept my gaze on the floor as Aston's black and white dunks appeared infront of me and a finger rest under my chin as Aston slowly lifted up my head.
"I need you right now and I know you need me" He whispered as I looked into his tear stained eyes.
"I do" I sighed.
"Come here" He smiled slightly pulling me into a hug and kissing my forehead.
"Its just hard to let go" I whispered starring at the graves.
"I know babe" He whispered, I looked up at him and kissed his lips soflty as he kissed me back.
"Come on you, There's a cuddle with your name on it" He winked as I smiled slightly and took his hand as we walked down the path both of our eyes firmly locked on the graves, We turned the corner and made our way down to Aston's house, My gaze on the floor and my hand locked with his as we walked in silence. We got inside and I closed the door as we talk our shoes off.
"Gemma, Sarah would you like a drink" Siobhan asked me and my Mum as Aston hung their coats up.
"Oh cup of tea would be lovley please" My mum smiled as she sat down.
"Gemma?" Siobhan asked.
"No thank you" I whispered barley auidable. Everyone seemed so calm like nothings happened, Im a complete state!
"Do you want to go upstairs" Aston asked and I shrugged as he sighed and went upstairs and I followed behind, I closed the door as he laid down on his bed and put the telly on, I walked over to the wooden chair as his dressing table and sat down as I starred at myself in the mirror. My blood shot eyes make up a stained cheeks, I sighed and tied up my hair, I looked at Aston's photographs on the wall one of him and his dad playing football and me in the background with my Dad. I smiled slightly as I put the picture back.
"What are you doing?" Aston asked.
"Nothing" I whispered looking down and fiddling with my fingers.
"Come sit here babe" He spoke as I got up and sat on the edge of his bed, He sighed and pulled me upto the top as I laid down in his arms.
"Aston" I spoke.
"Yeah babe" He whispered taking the bobble out my hair and running his fingers through it.
"Why do I seem to be the only one that cares" I whispered looking at him.
"What do you mean" He asked sitting up.
"Everyone seems to be getting along like nothings happened, I seem to be the only one that cares" I sighed.
"Baby, We all care" He whispered stroking my cheek.
"Aston your Dad's dead and you havent showed any emotion about it at all" I chocked out as he sighed and looked down.
"Im holding back my tears i've got to stay strong for you" He whispered looking back up as his tears became more visable.
"They wouldnt want us to be like this" He smiled slightly,
"Its good to cry though" I whispered.
"I know, I just have to hold it back" He whispered his voice shakey.
"Just let it out Ast, I've cried, Your mum's cried, My mum's cried, its your turn" I whispered placing my hand on his cheek as he leant into my touch and closed his eyes.
"Ast" I sighed.
"I cant" He whispered.
"For me please babe, You'll feel better" I whispered pressing my lips against his.
"It'll do you good letting it out" I whispered as I noticed a single tear rolled down his cheek as he opened his eyes and starred into mine, The tear was followed by another and another and another as he burst into tears, He laid down and I lay next to him as he rest his head on my stomach and cried as I stroked his neck.

"Aston I..." Siobhan spoke as the door opened and she stepped in, Aston didnt move he just kept crying into me and I kept my eyes shut, We heard the bedroom door close and Aston sniffed and sat up.
"Im sorry" He whispered wiping his hand over my wet top.
"You feel any better" I asked.
"A bit" He smiled slightly as he sat up and rest against the head board and pulled me in between his legs, He turned my head to face his as I looked into his blood shot eyes and dried his cheeks before he pressed his lips softly against mine. I pushed my tongue through into his mouth and he did the same, We kissed for a short while before pulling away and resting our forheads against eachothers.
"Will you stay with me tonight" He whispered.
"You sure" I asked.
"Yeah, I'll need you" He whispered as I agreed and cuddled into his chest. There was a knock on the door and Siobhan and my Mum entered the room.
"We bought up some drinks and a pizza for you" My Mum smiled slightly as she placed the drinks on the bedside table.
"Thanks" We both replied.
"You alright Aston" Siobhan asked sitting on the edge of the bed.
"Im getting there just had to let it out you know" He whispered as he played with my fingers.
"I know babe, But you've got all of us and most of all Gemma" She smiled patting his cheek.
"Thanks" He smiled looking up at my mum and his before kissing me softly on the lips.
"I love you babe" He whispered his eyes all teary again.
"I love you two Aston, Please dont cry you'll set me off and i've only just stopped" I laughed slightly as did he and a tear rolled down his cheek causing one to roll down mine, I closed my eyes and cuddled him as he cuddled me back as I felt his tears on my shoulder.
"We'll be back up later" My Mum whispered as we heard the bedroom door shut. The room was quite until Aston's tummy rumbled causing me to laugh, I reached over and grabbed the pizza box as I took a slice out and put it towards Aston's mouth as he took a bite then cuddled into the douvet, I wrapped my arm around his shoulders as he rest his head on my side and held my hand on his shoulder as I fed him a slice of pizza before grabbing myself one.
"We'll be okay you know" He whispered.
"I know babe" I whispered back, We finished off the pizza before we got changed. I put my dress and tights on the back of his chair as I slipt on a pair of his joggers and a baggy t-shirt. I climbed under the covers as I watched him get changed, He climbed under the covers and cuddled upto me.
"Perv" He whispered against my lips.
"Cant help it" I whispered stroking his bare torso, He let out a moan and burried his head into my chest.
"Am I okay to go to sleep Ast" I whispered.
"You dont need to ask" He giggled, I closed my eyes and he kissed me gently before he cuddled me. All night I was tossing and turning and didnt get any sleep at all.

*In The Morning*
"Baby you awake" Aston whispered.
"Mmm" I yawned keeping my eyes closed.
"Did you sleep okay" He whispered cuddling into my back.
"I didnt" I whispered.
"You didnt sleep" He asked as I rolled over to face him I shook my head and he sighed.
"You should of woke me up" He whispered stroking my cheek.
"Wouldnt want you being grumpy" I smiled slightly kissing his nose.
"We're gonna stay here all day" He whispered stroking my cheek and I smiled.
"You can try and get some sleep if you like" He asked and I yanwed and nodded, I cuddled into him as he wrapped his arms around me and he sang softly.
"Im overboard and I need your love, Pull me up, I cant swim on my own, Its to much" He sang as he stroked my hair, I closed my eyes and fell asleep for a short while.
*Aston's P.O.V*
Gemma fell asleep and I carried on singing quietly and stroked her hair, So much has happened, We've both lost our Dad's recently and now worse to come, I entered to get into a University down in London, When we live in Peterborough, Gemma's only at a college down the road. But the bad news, I got accepted into the Uni and have to move down to London. But after everything I cant leave Gemma, She's the only one that helps me through things, I'll have to tell her when she brightens up. I want her to live my dream with me, She's my one and only, Yeah im 19 and shouldnt say things like that at my age, But I know what im saying. She's the one.
*Normal P.O.V*
"Aston what time is it" I whispered rubbing my eyes and sitting up slightly as I kissed his chin.
"Half one" He laughed as he paused his game on the xbox.
"Well i've been sleeping a while" I giggled, Taking the remote and carrying on with the game as I scored 3 goals straight.
"Soz pro" He winked as I rest my head on his shoulder as his arm wrapped around me just whilst his mum entered.
"You two want anything to eat" She smiled.
"Oooh cheese toasty would be cracking" I grinned as Aston laughed.
"Cracka lackin" Aston winked.
"Freak" I mumbled as Siobhan laughed at us.
"Mong" He muttered.
"Nob" I smirked.
"Douche" He grinned.
"Twat" I laughed as he pushed me down and climbed on top of me.
"I'll be going" His mum laughed as she shut the door.
"Beautiful" He smiled as his lips got closer.
"Kiss me" I whispered looking at his lips.
"What kinda name is that" He laughed.
"Kiss me" I glared playfully.
"Im on it" He grinned pressing his lips up against mine as we both parted them after a quick peck as we pushed our lips back together joining our mouths with our tongues. He started pulling down my joggers leaving me with just his top on, We carried on kissing as he started to let out a few moans when...Yep! Our mum's came in.

"MUM GET OUT" Aston screamed as our Mum's stood there gobsmacked.
"Im sorry" She panicked as my Mum started giggling.
"MUM GO" I yelled as they quickly left and shut the door.
"Fancy that ey, walking in on our kids getting jiggy" Siobhan laughed from outside and I blushed and covered my face.
"Jiggy? Really? Who says that" Aston laughed slighty as he took my hands away from my face revealing my rosy red cheeks.
"How embarassing" I mumbled.
"I know hey" He laughed.
"Oh gosh" I moaned as he chucked me the joggers, I slipt them on as he went into his en suite. I went over to his mirror and checked my appearence, meh not bad, I went and climbed back under the covers and played on Aston's iPad as he came out with his hand down his pants.
"Oh fuuck off not here" I laughed.
"Why" He laughed standing next to me.
"Fuuck off" I laughed moving away from him as he took his hand out and wiped it on his joggers.
"Why did I fall for you" I giggled as I went over to him and wrapped my arms around him.
"Cos of my charm" He smiled.
"You know if it wasnt for our Dad's i'd never have met you" I whispered as I hugged him.
"Im very gratful" He whispered.
"Same here" I smiled as I looked up at him and he kissed me gently.
"Do you wanna go out tonight, JJ's asked us round" He smiled rubbing my hips with his thumbs.
"Erm yeah okay but im not getting pissed" I sighed sitting down on the bed.
"Im not" He smiled taking my hands and interlocking our fingers.
"Im so hungry" I giggled kissing his lips.
"I'll make a mad rush downstairs grab some food then run back up before my mum can even say anything about using protection" He chuckled.
"I'll guard the door" I winked as, I opened the door and he ran downstairs.
"Aston..." I heard his Mum speak as he came flying back up the stairs and dived on the bed as I slammed the door shut laughing.
"Touch down" He yelled in a deep voice as I giggled and wrapped my arms around him from behind.
"What we got" I smiled kissing his cheek.
"Erm crisps an apple erm chocolate a can of pepsi and a sandwich that was on the side" He laughed taking a bite from it then letting me take a bite.
"Go you" I grinned as I turned on the tv putting on the music channels as I sat on his lap and opened a pakcet of crisps as he bit into an apple.
"I'll see you tomorrow Ast" I smiled wrapping my arms around his neck as my Mum said goodbye to Siobhan.
"Bye babe, I'll text you" He smiled wrapping his arms around my waist.
"I love you" I smiled.
"I love you two" He grinned before pressing his lips onto mine as we shared a short passionate kiss.
"Come on Gemma" My Mum laughed as I pulled away from Aston.
"Cya" I smiled as we walked down the drive, Siobhan and Aston waved goodbye as we turned the corner the door shut.
"So erm this morning then" My Mum started.
"What about it" I laughed slightly looking away from her.
"Have you erm done it before" She asked.
"Mum im 17, Aston's 19 of course we have its legal" I smiled slightly.
"So you have" She smiled and i nodded.
"A few times" I mumbled.
"Well aslong as its safe" She smiled as she dug her key out of her coat pocket as we walked up the drive.
"It is Mum" I smiled as I shut the door behind me and kicked off my shoes and hung up my jacket before going upstairs when my phone buzzed. [Babygirl come back I miss you!xxxxx] I laughed and went for a quick shower, I got dried and moisturised before slipping on my underwear and a pair of Aston's joggers, I tied up my wet hair and slipt on a big knitted cardy that belongs to Aston. I grabbed my phone and replied to Aston's message from earlier. [I miss you too babe! I'll see you tomorrow night though yeah?xxx] I skipped downstairs and dived on the sofa as I turned on my laptop. [Of course you will! But I want to spend tonight with you before tomorrow as I wont see you when your at college :( xxxx] I giggled and opened up a new message.
"Let me guess Aston" Mum laughed and I smiled and nodded.
"I dunno what to do im so bored" I moaned as I tapped away at my phone.
"You're always lost when you dont have Aston" Mum smiled as she turned the channels on the tv.
"I know, He wants to stay with me tonight as he wont see me all day tomorrow" I laughed as I signed in on facebook on my laptop, I searched down my contacts and found Rachel and I started a conversation with her.
M; Hey babe!xx
R; Hey Gem! You alright?xx
M; Yeah im getting there :/ Wbuu?xx
R; Aww babe:( Im finee im finee(:xx
M; Gooood! College tomorrow argh
R; I know ey:L How's Aston ;)
M; He's alrighttt, Few tears earlier but he's okaaaay(:
R; Awww bless him! Well im here for you both(:
M; Thanks babe!
R; What we got first tomorrow?
M; Ermm BRB some ones at the door chuck!xx
I got up and went to the door as they knocked again and I opened it as Aston stood there grinning.
"Surprise" He shrugged and I laughed and let him in.

"Mum guess whose here" I laughed.
"Aston" She replied.
"Got it in one" Aston laughed kicking off his shoes and taking my hands in his as he pulled me into him.
"My Mum had 'words' with me about what happened earlier" He whispered and I giggled.
"So did my Mum, She was like have you done it before, Hope its safe" I rolled my eyes.
"Thats what my Mum said, She said I cant get you knocked up and that shiit" He smiled sligthly as I kissed him gently.
"It still doesnt feel like they've gone" He sighed and I nodded in agreement as we went into the front room, He sat down on the sofa and stretched out his legs, I grabbed my laptop and sat inbetween his legs and placed the laptop on my lap as I cuddled into Astons chest.
"What a nice suprise" Mum laughed making Aston chuckle whilst he tugged on my top.
"So this is where all my clothes keep dissappearing to" He laughed and I giggled. "You gave me them" I grinned. "No you stole them" He winked. "Shhhh" I laughed as mine and Sammy's conversation popped up on facebook.
S; I bet its Aston
M; Correct!
M; Hey babe!
S; You still off to JJ's tonight?
"Oh forgot about that! Mum" I spoke as she looked over.
"Yeah" She smiled.
"Can I go over to JJ's tonight for a bit" I smiled.
"Erm yeah dont get drunk and back before 11" She warned.
"OKay" I smiled.
"Aston are you going" She asked and he nodded.
"Look after her for me" She smiled.
"Mum" I moaned. "I will" Aston laughed.
M; Yesssarrr! But not getting pissed...
R; Damn you'se! Aston will wont he?
M; Nope! haha!(;
R; Grrrrrrrr, Im glad you've both cheered up slightly
M; Me toooo:') What you wearing tonight?
R; Well its not a major party thing, Just got the group over and some drinks soo just casual stuff
M; Ermmm Short shorts, nice top and cardi yeah?
R; Sounds good!
M; Okaay well im off now babe, Me and Aston are going upstairs ;D
R; Behave;D
M; Cyaaa later xxxx
R; Traaa!xxx
I turned off my laptop and put it on the coffee table as I took Astons hand and went upstairs, Aston shut the door and locked it as I let out a giggle.
"Well i've locked the door so can we carry on from earlier..." He smirked as he crawled on top of me.
"Go on then but be quiet" I laughed as he nodded.
He crushed his lips against mine as i felt his tongue trace my lips I moaned and closed my eyes as I opened my mouth as I felt his tongue press against mine, I lifted his top up as he pulled away from the kiss and I pulled his top over his head and chucked it behind me as he reconnected our lips. I trailed my fingers along his lower back making him fidget as he pulled away and looked at me.
"You know im ticklish there" He moaned unbuttoning my cardi and chucking it onto the floor.
"Im sorry" I giggled as I wrapped my arms around his neck, he began kissing along my jaw line making his way down my neck and began placing kisses randomly round my stomach, I pulled down his joggers as he wriggled out of them then pulled down my joggers and pushed them onto the floor.
"You know I love you" Aston smirked pressing his lips against mine, I let out a giggle as I slipt my hand down into his boxers as he began moaning in my ear before biting into my neck as I tilted my head back slightly. He let go of my neck as I removed my hand and he grinned at me. I climbed out from underneath him and climbed to the top of the bed as he watched me, He followed my lead and climbed back on top of me as his hands travelled round my back, I rubbed my thumb behind his ear as he moaned against my lips as he removed my bra and chucked it on the floor as he let out a filthy chuckle. We continued to kiss as it began to get more passionate I rolled Aston over so I was on top as I pulled down his boxers whilst his hands explored my body, I slipt of my knickers as they joined the rest of the clothing on the floor. I opened the draw on my bedside table and rummaged around before pulling out the small packet and pulling away from Aston as I handed it to him and well you know the rest...

"Fuuuuucking hell" Aston breathed as he rolled off me.
"Im knackered" I laughed as I cuddled into him and he wrapped his arm around my shoulders.
"That was amazing" He whispered as I leant up and kissed him gently.
"Do we have to go to JJ's tonight" I moaned cuddling into him even more as he pulled the douvet up over my shoulders.
"Not if you dont want to" He smiled running his hand through his hair.
"I do, Just wanna stay like this" I giggled.
"Well when we come back we can yeah" He smiled and I nodded as I grabbed my clothes off the floor and got dressed.
"What you wearing to jay's" I asked him as I sat next to him and stroked his bare chest, He propped himself up on his elbows and gave me a sweet kiss.
"Proberley just what i've got now" He shrugged.
"OKaay babe, We can walk to yours on the way if you want so you can get ready" I suggested.
"Erm yeah okaay, If you wanna get ready now and then we'll go to mine cos Con and Court want to see you" He laughed and I smiled.
"I shall" I replied as I got my clothes out my wardobe. I got changed as Aston watched me then I applied my eye make up, then straightened my hair and put on the necklace my Dad gave me, I dug out my heels and slipt them on.
"Come on then get dressed" I smiled slightly holding the silver locket in my hand.
"Babe you alright" He asked chucking on his jeans and top before coming over to me and wrapping his arms around me.
"Yeah just miss him" I whispered closing my eyes and cuddling into his chest.
"I know babe, I miss my Dad aswell, There gone physically not mentally, He'll always be here for you darling, He has his own place right in your heart, He'll be up there watching and being so proud of you and happy for you, I know when you go through a rough sad stage he wont be here to hug and comfort you but you just have to think 'what will dad say' you know i'll always be here for you as will your Mum I promise you" He whispered as he rubbed my back.
"I love you Aston so so much" I whispered as a few tears rolled down my cheek he wiped them away then kissed me softly and rest his forhead against mine.
"I love you two beautiful forever and always" He whispered stroking my cheek before kissing my forehead once more. I sorted out my eye liner before me and Aston made our way downstairs. "Bye love hope you have a good night" My Mum smiled giving me hug.
"Thanks Mum" I smiled as Aston took my hand and we left and made our way to his in the cold.

*At Astons*
"Im just gonna have a quick shower" Aston smiled as he kicked off his shoes.
"I'll stay down here with Con" I grinned as he smiled and ran upstairs.
"Hey babe" Con sighed and I went and sat down next to him.
"How you feeling" I whispered as I wrapped my arms around his stomach.
"Been better...Much better" He whispered stroking my hair.
"Aw babe, Its hard I know" I whispered closing my eyes.
"I just miss him" He whispered hugging me tight.
"I know you do babe, I miss my dad so much, But like Aston said to me, You've still got all your friends and family, your dad will be right here" I whispered poking his chest.
"You know im here always" I smiled stroking his cheek.
"Thank you" He smiled and I kissed his forhead.
"You going out with your mates tonight" I asked him and he shook his head.
"You wanna come to JJ's will take your mind off things" I asked him.
"No Ast doesnt like me hanging round with his mates" He shrugged.
"I want you there" I smiled as Aston came down the stairs, Smelling fresh and looking lush!
"Hey babe you ready to go" He asked looking at me and Connor cuddling.
"Yeah babe" I smiled standing up and taking Connor's hands.
"Come on" I laughed and he sighed and got up.
"Aston, Connors coming alright" I asked him and Aston sighed.
"Why" He moaned.
"Babe he's only gonna sit here moaping all night, He needs to get out, He's going through the same thing as us" I sighed as Aston shrugged.
"Alright but no showing me up" Aston warned.
"Besides all the girls love him so" I giggled as Con got his shoes on, We left the house closing the door behind us as Aston wrapped his arm around my waist and I did the same to him placing my hand in his low back pocket. Connor trailed behind us scruffing up his shoes with his head down and his hands in his pockets.
"Con come here" I sighed as he came and walked next to us.
"Come on cheer up" I sighed and he looked at me all teary eyed as we got to Jay's.
"Babe" I whispered as tears began to roll down his cheek.
"Con" I whispered pulling him in for a hug.
"Im going in" Aston sighed letting go of me and stroming in.
"I've ruined your night im sorry" Con whispered.
"Babe you havent, Im here for you, You havent really got any one else and sometimes it helps letting it out trust me" I whispered kissing his cheek.
"Now come on lets go inside" I smiled, I opened the door and Connor shut it behind us.
"Gemma" All the girls yelled as they came running through, Con looked up and they all awed and ran over to him pulling him in for a hug and I smiled and grabbed myself a WKD.
"You okaay Con" Rachel asked.
"Yeah much better" He smiled as I handed him a can of larger.
"Thanks babe" He smiled at me.
"Now go in the front room, Need to speak to my girls" I laughed as he smiled and disappeared. I spent a couple of hours messing around and talking to the girls, When we went to go into the front room, I heard something that tore my heart into two.

"I dunno whatta do bruv" Aston spoke.
"About what" JJ replied.
"I've been excepted into the Uni in london but I cant leave Gemma" Aston replied as my eyes filled with tears and my heart shattered, JJ looked over to the door way and gulped.
"You might wanna find out now what your gonna do bruv" JJ muttered as Aston turned to face me.
"Fuuck" He muttered and Rachel wrapped me in a hug.
"Im okay" I whispered and she looked at me and shook her head.
"How long have you known Aston" I asked him.
"About a week" He whispered looking down.
"Where you just gonna go off without saying goodbye?...Well now you dont need to" I whispered running out the house and slamming the door shut, I ran accross the road and cut through the park as I ran towards the Church Yard. I went down the gravely path and glanced at my Dad's grave as my eyes filled with tears, I ran my finger along the top of the grave stone and admired the flowers before going to the back of the church and sitting on a bench admiring the black sky with a shade of pink as the last part of the sun disappeared. Its quite scary out here at night, My dad bought me here alot, To watch the sun set and stuff and talk about things, It was our little secret even Aston didnt know about it. My phone began vibrating in my pocket and I took it out as the screen flashed- Incoming call; Rachel xxx. I rejected the call and leant my head back as the tears streamed faster down my cheeks I bit onto my lip and glanced at my wall paper. The picture of me Aston and our Dad's when we where watching the Arsenal match 3 days before they died. I put my phone into my pocket and cried into my knees, I heard rustling in the trees and the snapping of sticks, I kept still and quiet when I heard voices.
"She's here" A familair voice yelled as I looked over to the two people, Connor and Rachel.
"Babe" Rachel spoke as she ran over to me and pulled me in for a hug.
"Why are you here" Connor asked hugging me and kissing my head.
"I came here with my Dad and we used to watch the sun set and talk about things that where on my mind" I whispered as he rocked me gently, He sat down on the bench and pulled me onto his lap as I cuddled into him.
"Where's Aston" I asked looking up at Rachel.
"He's at Jay's" She smiled slightly.
"He's worried and panicking about what to do about uni, He didnt even bother to get up and come and find you let alone text or ring" Connor snapped.
"Its alright babe, At least im not on my own, You scared me" I laughed slightly as he stroked my hair.
"Come on lets get you back" Rachel smiled and I shook my head.
"I dont want to" I whispered.
"You cant stay here babe" Connor sighed.
"I'll go home" I whispered.
"Come to mine yeah" Connor smiled stroking my cheek.
"Erm okay" I whispered.
"Rach please dont tell Ast let him enjoy his night" I smiled slightly and she sighed and nodded.
"Thank you" I smiled as Connor took my hand we walked out onto the street as Rachel gave me a hug and went back to JJ's whilst me and Connor went to his.
"Would you like a drink" Connor asked as he opened the fridge and placed a can of fosters on the side before looking at me.
"Erm yeah okay babe, Can I just have a can of coke though please" I smiled slightly, He placed a can of coke on the counter before shutting the fridge and handing it to me.
"Come on, Mum's out and Courtneys upstairs with her mate so we'll chill in here if you like" He smiled taking me into the front room, We sat down on the sofa and played a couple of games of Fifa 11 to take my mind of things. Soon enough, My eyes started getting heavy and I struggled to keep them open.
"Come on you" Connor whispered taking my hand and leading me upstairs, We went into Aston's room and I undressed and slipt on a pair of his joggers as I climbed into his bed.
"I'll be downstairs if you need me" Connor smiled stroking my cheek.
"Thanks babe" I smiled as I closed my eyes and went off into dreaaaam land.
*Aston's P.O.V*
Great...Gemma found out im off to Uni, She ran away Rachel and Connor went to find her whilst I sat here panicking about anything and everything. MY brother went to look for MY girlfriend when I should have. I finished off my can of larger and looked up at JJ.
"Im gonna go find her" I whispered looking down just as Rachel came in and sat back down next to Chris.
"Did you find her" I panicked and she looked all worried.
"I erm well er no" She stuttered looking down.
"You did where is she" I asked.
"She's at yours with Con" She mumbled, I got up and man hugged Chris and JJ and gave Rachel a kiss on the cheek before leaving the house and walking down the dark streets towards mine. I turned the corner and ran down to my house and up the drive as I opened the door and shut it quietly behind me, I kicked off my shoes and Connor ran through and glanced at me.
"Oh its just you" He sighed relaxing his tensed fists.
"Connor bruv im sorry for earlier man" I sighed pulling him in for a hug.
"Bro its okay" He sighed patting my back as he went over to the fridge and chucked me a can of Fosters.
"Wheres erm my girl" I asked him as I opened the can and took a swig.
"Go see for your self" He smiled pointing upstairs, I looked at him confused before I made my way upstairs. I opened the door and the lights where dimmed and there was a figure laying in my bed wrapped up in the douvet, A smile grew on my face as I shut the door and tip toed over to her. Her chest rose as she inhaled and exhaled and I bent down beside her and stroked her cheek softly.
"Baby im so sorry" I whispered, Knowing she wouldnt hear.
"I love you so much, I wont leave you I promise" I whispered.
"Its okay, You've gotta go and fend for yourself Ast, Im just holding you back from what you want to achieve" She whispered as she rubbed her eyes and opened them slowly as she glanced down at me and reached a hand out placing it on my cheek.
"Your not holding me back, Your my one and only, I wanna achieve my dream with you, I want you to watch me succeed and achieve things and be proud of me" I whispered taking her hand and kissing it softly.
"I'll always be proud of you babe" She smiled slightly as she moved over, I undresed to my boxers and climbed in next to her as she stroked my bare chest.
"But when you go to Uni i'll never see you" She whispered looking up at me.
"Thats why I want you to come down to London with me" I spoke as she lay there looking at me shocked.

*Normal P.O.V*
"Aston dont be stupid" I sighed as he shook his head.
"Im not, I refuse to leave you" He whispered stroking my cheek.
"Aston no" I whispered cuddling into him.
"Its either you come to london with me, Or I stay here with you, Your choice" He whispered.
"You go to London and achieve your dreams whilst I stay here, Thats whats happening" I sighed.
"No its not okay, Look i've got it all planned out babygirl" He whispered.
"Whats your plan then" I asked as he stroked my hair.
"We'll move down to London, We'll stay in a flat with my mates i've got there, Then we'll work and get some money and we'll rent a small flat, Then we'll achieve our dreams and buy a nice big house, We'll get married and have a baby boy and a baby girl, And everything will be perfect" He whispered.
"You are too cute" I smiled sitting up and kissing him softly.
"So what do you say, Will you come down to London with me" He asked giving me the puppy dog eyes.
"I'll speak to my Mum tomorrow about it" I smiled and he grinned and hugged me tight.
"Thank you baby thank you" He whispered as he let me go.
"Anything for you okay, Aslong as your happy" I smiled as did he.
"Im always happy knowing i've got you" He winked and I laughed and cuddled into him as I closed my eyes. He held me tightly and I felt so secure in his arms and his pressence.
"I love you" He whispered.
"I love you two" I smiled as he kissed my forhead and closed his eyes as we snuggled down together and fell asleep...Back into dreaaaaaam land.
I woke up in the morning to my phone vibrating on the bedside table as I quickly grabbed it and cuddled into Aston as I opened the new message from Rachel. [Hey babe! Just texting to make sure your okay, See you at college!xxxx] I yawned as Aston let out a mumble and rubbed his eyes as I replied back to the message, [Hey Rach, Im alright babe thank you i'll meet you at starbucks!xxx]. I placed my phone on the floor and cuddled into Astons side as he moaned and cuddled me back just as Conor came in, I sat up and let out a yawn as I stretched my arms out.
"Hey babe you alright" He asked me placing a hot chocolate on the table, I smiled and hugged him.
"Yeah im feeling much better how are you" I asked as Aston stroked my thigh making me fidget.
"Im alright, erm Ast, Courtneys gone out with her mate, Im off out with my mates and Mum's gone shopping" Conor smiled before shutting the door and running downstairs.
"House to ourselves" Aston whispered kissing up my arm, i giggled and he pulled me down onto him as he tangled his legs with mine and kissed me passionatly. He travelled his hands up my body and them on my chest as he continued to kiss me, He let out a slight moan causing me to giggle and break the kiss, I secured my arms around his neck and rest my forhead against his as he pecked my lips gently.
"You're beautiful you know" He whispered and I smiled and thanked him.
"I have to go soon, Got college at 11" I sighed.
"Oh yeah I forgot about that" He mumbled sitting up.
"We'll go get some breakfast then yeah" He smiled as I nodded, I climbed out of bed and slipt on my underwear and one of Astons tops as he slipt on his joggers and we made our way downstairs. He cooked us up some breakfasts and made us both a drink as we ate in silence before going back upstairs.

"Well babe, I'll see you soon hopefully" I smiled as I stood in the door way with my arms wrapped around Astons neck, He pressed his lips against mine and I kissed him back before he pulled away and smiled at me.
"You will, We'll sort something, I'll come see you later or tomorrow" He shrugged.
"Okay baby" I smiled as he kissed my forehead.
"Have a good day babe, Text me yeah" He grinned and I nodded as I made my way down his path, I turned around and waved goodbye before making my way home. [Coming home now mum!xx] I quickly text my mum as I cut through the park and down my street before making my way up the path and going inside.
"Hellooooo" I called through the house.
"Hello" My mum replied as I went into the front room and gave her a hug.
"How was your night" She asked me,
"Hmm alright" I sighed.
"What happened" She asked.
"I'll speak to you about it later, I've gotta get ready for college" I laughed.
"Oh yeah I forgot" She laughed as I ran upstairs. I undressed and climbed into the shower and washing before jumping out and drying my body before moisturising and going into my room, I slipt on my underwear and sprayed my deodrant then put on my leggings and a long pink floral top with a grey knitted cardi then slipped on my knitted uggs after that I dried my hair and striaghtened it then did my make up, I grabbed my bag and shoved my folder in it then grabbed my phone off the bed as I ran downstairs.
"Im going now mum, I'll see you later" I smiled kissing her cheek.
"If im not here when your back i'll be at Siobhans" She replied and I nodded as I left the house and made my way down to starbucks to meet Rachel.
"Hey babe" Rachel grinned as I ran over to her and she pulled me in for a hug as I let out a sigh.
"You alright" She asked.
"Yeah, Getting there, Just what happened last night kinda upset me even more" I laughed slightly.
"Did you speak to him" She asked as we went into starbucks.
"Yeah we spoke about it and he asked me to move to london with him" I mumbled as we ordered two cappacino's then sat down at the table.
"Wow" She sighed.
"He's got it all planned out the little cutie" I giggled.
"Whats he said" She smiled.
"That we'll move to London, we'll stay in a flat with his friends he's got down there, we'll work and get some money then rent a small flat, eventually buy a bigger house, We'll get married and have a kids" I laughed.
"Awwww how cuteee, Have you asked your mum about it" She asked.
"Erm not yet" I laughed slightly.
"Is this what you want" She asked and I shrugged.
"I dont think im ready yet" I sighed sipping at my drink.
"I get what you mean" She nodded.
"Anyway lets just get today over with" I sighed as we finished our drinks then made our way down into college. We made our way into the classroom and sat down, I was only in for 3 hours today, thank god! We got our books and folders out and began writing down the stuff that was on the board when my phone started vibrating in my pocket, I took it out and had a message from Aston and I smiled to myself before opening it. [Hey babygirl, I love you!xxxx] I laughed and showed Rachel as she grinned at me and I quickly replied, [Merrygold, Im learning sshh:P I love you two!xxx] I put my phone back in my pocket as I carried on focusing on my work.

"Exam on friday remember" The teacher yelled as we all packed up our things and left the room.
"You wanna go get some Nando's before we go home" Rachel asked.
"Yeah why not" I grinned as we left college and went to nando's. We walked in and got taken to our table as we dumped our bags on the floor and sat down.
"Im starving" I laughed grabbing a menu.
"Mmm samee!" Rachel laughed.
"Right i'll go order" She smiled as I told her what I wanted and she went over to the counter. I got out my phone and had 2 new messages one from my Mum and one from Aston. I opened the one from my mum reading [Hello hun, I wont be in when you get home, Im round Siobhans, Your welcome round as you know xx] I text her back letting her know I was in Nando's before opening the text from Aston. [Hello babygirl! Have you finished college yet? I love you!xxxx] I replied to him with [Hey babe, I have finished, Just at Nando's with Rach, I love you too xxxx] Rach came back over with two glasses and handed me one as we went to get our drinks.
"What you doing tonight then babe" She asked as I grabbed a straw and went back to the table.
"Proberley just homework and revising for this exam on friday" I sighed.
"Aaah same, JJ will probably come round and get in the way" She laughed. JJ was Rachel's boyfriend and Astons best friend, They've been together just over a year now, Like me and Aston, We all got together on the same day.
"Haha Aston will probably be busy sorting stuff out for uni" I shrugged slightly.
"It'll be fine babe, I promise you" She smiled as our food came over. We dug into our food as we ate in silence.

"Well babe i'll see you tomorrow" I smiled giving Rachel a hug as she hugged me back.
"You sure will babe" She smiled as we pulled away and waved goodbye as we made our seperate ways home. I walked along all the streets and crossed over the roads as I made my way down the path to my house, I unlocked the door and stepped inside shutting it behind me. I kicked off my shoes then made my way upstairs and dumped all my stuff on my bed. I changed into my joggers and one of Aston's hoodies before going downstairs and making a hot chocolate, I chucked aload of marshmallows in before grabbing the handle and going back upstairs, Placing the mug on my bedside table I sat down on my bed and got out all my books and my laptop. I made my way onto facebook as I scrolled through my homepage. I had a few notifcations from people so I clicked on each of them, One of them was a comment on my profile picture which was Me, Aston, Sammy and JJ, This picture always makes me laugh, The boys are just so funny. I went onto my profile and had a few posts on my wall one from my best friend Harriet who moved down to London before we started college. It said [Hey babe! Missing you still:( Need a catchup, Come stay down here for a weekend or something! Love you!<3] I commented agreeing with what she said and that we'll arrange something, The other post was from Aston tagging me in his status which was [Missing my babygirl:(] I laughed and commented [Babe, Its been a few hours;)<3] I signed out then opened up a word document, I read through my notes from todays lesson and began typing my essay away on the computer.

"Babe im home" My mum yelled up the stairs.
"Hi mum" I called back as I continued with my essay, I heard foot steps running up the stairs then my door slowly opened reavling a smiley Aston.
"Hey babygirl" He grinned shutting my door behind him, I got off my bed and went over to him as I wrapped my arms around him.
"Hey babe" I smiled pressing my lips against his.
"Mmm ive missed you" He mummbled kissing me again.
"Its been 4 hours" I giggled as he kissed down my neck.
"You know what im like" He winked as he kissed me again.
"I do indeed" I chuckled as I sat back down on my bed as he sat behind me wrapping his arms around my waist.
"What you doing" He asked resting his head on my shoulder as I carried on typing away.
"A 3000 word essay" I replied tapping away at the keyboard.
"How many words you done" He asked. "1058" I sighed.
"Jheez babe" He sighed in my ear making me shiver.
"So let me finish this, Then i'll be right with you" I giggled.
"Do you want me to come back later" He asked and I shook my head,
"Your keeping me warm" I smiled at him as I kissed him gently, He smiled and continued to cuddle me as he watched me do my essay. After another hour, I had finished! Aston was sat on my bean bag watching tv, I turned off my laptop and closed the lid as he looked over at me, I packed all my stuff up and shoved it under my bed. I climbed off my bed and went and sat down on Astons lap as I cuddled into his chest.
"You finished" He asked as I nodded.
"Sorry I took so long" I sighed.
"Baby its fine" He smiled pressing his lips against mine as I pushed my tongue through parting his lips, He dropped the remote and wrapped his arms around my waist as I hooked mine around his neck. After a short while I gently pulled away and bit my lip as he let out a soft laugh and rest his forehead against mine.
"Aston you staying for tea" My mum asked as she stood in my door way, Aston sat up and looked at me before looking back at my mum.
"Yes please, If thats alright" He smiled at her.
"Of course it is" She smiled before shutting the door and heading back downstairs.
"I love your mum" He smiled as he laid back down next to me and kissed my forehead.
"Me too, But your mum is a ledge" I giggled as he winked.
"Have you thought anymore about coming to London with me" He mumbled as he lifted my hoody up slightly and stroked my bare hip.
"I have actually" I replied laying on my back as he stroked my cheek and looked down on me.
"And...?" He asked as I played with his fingers.
"I was talking to Rachel about it and she was asking if I think im ready" I replied as I cuddled into his chest.
"Do you feel ready?" He asked and I sighed.
"I dunno Ast, You'll be working your butt off to achieve your dreams, I would have to drop out and forget about mine" I sighed as he laid down on his back and locked his fingers together as he rest his hands on his belly.
"I didnt think of it like that" He whispered letting out a sigh.
"We'll sort something" I whispered as I leant over and kissed his forehead.
"Promise" I nodded as he smiled and kissed me again.
"Teas ready" My mum yelled up to us.
"Woop food" I grinned climbing off the bed as I straightened out my jumper. We made our way downstairs and sat down at the breakfast bar as my mum placed our bowls infront of us.
"My favourite" Aston grinned starring down at the bowl of tuna pasta.
"Thought i'd make a treat for you" Mum laughed as she took hers into the other room.

We finished eating as Aston helped me clear up.
"Thanks mum" I called.
"Its alright" She replied.
"Thanks" Aston laughed.
"Its okay Aston" She laughed as we went upstairs.
"What do you wanna do babe" I asked him as I sat down on the bed. He shut my bedroom door then walked over to me, Placing his hands on my shoulders he pushed me down onto the bed as he placed his soft lips against mine. He pulled away and I blushed the slightest bit.
"Why you blushing?" He laughed as I giggled and wrapped my arms around his neck.
"I dont know" I smiled as he kissed me again and I kissed him back.
"Its unreal how much im in love with you" He whispered against my lips as he starred into my eyes, Him saying this to me plastered a huge smile across my cheeks.
"I love you so much Ast" I grinned sitting up and wrapping my arms around him as he cuddled me.
"Do you wanna go out for abit or something" I suggested as he sat down next to me.
"I really dont mind babe, Its quite cold though" He shrugged as he tried to hide a smile on his face.
"If you wanna stay in then just say" I giggled.
"Okay i wanna stay in" He smiled as he wrapped his arm around my waist.
"I was just thinking of going to get some films and some junk food then cuddle in bed" I replied as I went to grab my laptop off the floor but he stopped me.
"No lets do that" He grinned cheekily as he pressed his lips against mine.
"Thought so" I smiled standing up. I grabbed my ugg boots from my wardrobe and slipt them on my feet, I shrugged on my leather jacket and wrapped my scarf around my neck. We made our way downstairs as Aston slipt on his dunks, i went into the front room.
"Mum we're just off to the shop" I smiled as she nodded.
"Alright see you soon" She replied as I went over to Aston.
"Babe your gonna freeze" I spoke stroking his bare arms as he only had a polo on.
"I'll be fine babe" He smiled taking my hand.
"I feel bad though" I sighed.
"I'll be okay" He laughed.
"Do you wanna borrow erm one of dads erm jumpers" I whispered as I looked down at the floor as i felt a lump in my throat, I closed my eyes to calm myself and Astons arms shot around me pulling me tightly into his chest.
"Lets go babe" He whispered as I nodded, He took my hand and we left closing the door behind me the cold hit us and goosebumps rushed up Astons arms. I wrapped my arms around him as he wrapped an arm around my waist as I tried to keep him warm.
"You okay now babe?" He asked me as i felt him kiss the stop of my head before we crossed over the road.
"Mmm i think so" I sighed.
"We'll er go put some flowers down tomorrow yeah?" He spoke so quietly i only just caught what he said.
"Yeah of course babe" I replied as I closed my eyes for a second to get rid of the tears.
"Films first yeah" I asked looking up at him as he kissed my forehead.
"Sure babe" He replied as we crossed the road and went into Blockbusters.
"Whatcha fancy getting" I smiled slightly as we stood infront of the blue ray section.
"Hmmm I do not mind really" He laughed wrapping his arms around my waist. I grabbed a film off the shelf and turned it over as i read the back of it before putting it back.
"No chick flicks please babe" Aston pleaded as I giggled.
"Okay baby" I smiled kissing his cheek as he got a DVD from the shelf.
"What you got" I asked as he held it infront of me. "Insidious" He smirked at me.
"You know I dont like them films" I mumbled playing with the bottom of his top.
"They scare me" I muttered.
"There not real" He whispered in my ear.
"I know but..."I shrugged.
"You've got me too look after you, If you get scared" He winked as I smiled.
"Okay" I grinned as he kissed my hairline and kept hold of the DVD.
"Does that mean I can get a chick flick" I smirked at him.
"Nuh uh" He laughed as I muttered stuff to myself.
"Arthur?" I asked grabbing the case and handing it to Ast.
Erm yeah if you fancy it" He smiled as he kept hold of it in his hand.
"Any more?" I asked spinning round in his arms and pecking his lips.
"Dont think so, Lets get some food then hurry back" He whispered before kissing me again.
"Come on then" I laughed as we went to the till. Aston handed the dvd's over as I got out my purse and handed the guy the money. He put the dvd's in then gave me my change and when they where due back. "Thanks" I smiled as Aston took the bag and wrapped his arm around my waist and we walked down the street to the corner shop.

Aston got a basket and dragged me around the shop as I kept jogging to keep up.
"Babe slow down" I moaned.
"Didnt think i'd ever hear you moan that" He mumbled.
"You bitch" I laughed as he shot his head up.
"You wheren't meant to hear that" He chuckled as I chucked a magazine in the basket.
"Hey only food" He pouted.
"Need that babe" I winked as he rolled his eyes. We got some bottles of fizzy and a big bag of crisps.
"Sweeeeets" I smiled dragging him over to them.
"What would you like babe" I asked him.
"I feel bad you paying for all this" He sighed as I looked up at him.
"Dont its fine, I dont mind, Think of all the times you've paid for stuff" I smiled.
"I know but... Your my girl, Im meant to buy you stuff" He smiled as I hugged him.
"Not all the time merrygold" I giggled as I chucked a bag of magic stars and skittles in the basket. Aston got aload more sweets and even more junk before we went to the till to pay. I handed over the money as Aston packed.
"Thanks" I smiled as I collected my changed, I took one of the bags from Aston as we interlocked our fingers and made our way back.
"Im freezing" He shivered as I let go of my hand and wrapped my arms around him.
"Dunno if this helps, But its comfy" I laughed as he kissed the stop of my head. We ran across the road and turned the corner as we walked down the street to my house. I opened the door and we stepped inside as I shut it behind us. We put the bags down and I rubbed my hands up and down Astons arms to get him warm.
"Dont like you being cold" I giggled pecking his cheek before kicking my shoes off as Aston followed my lead.
"Hi mum" I smiled as we went into the front room, I handed her a chocolate bar and gave her a hug before we ran upstairs.
"In here for the rest of the night with you" Aston grinned chucking the bags on the bed.
"Love it" I winked as I got the films out.
"Can we get in bed yet" Aston moaned as he fiddled with the top of the douvet.
"Nothing stopping you babe" I laughed as I started taking off my make up for when I rubbed my eyes. I noticed Aston in the mirror undressing as he chucked his clothes to the side of the bed, I stood there watching him and he turned around and caught my glance my eyes wondered up and down his body as he came over and wrapped his arms around my waist and began kissing down my neck.
"Hurry up" He whispered as he looked up at me in the mirror.
"I'll be there in a minute" I giggled as I took the bobble out of my hair and shook my head as my hair fell loosley over my shoulders, Aston let go of me then went and climbed into bed.
"What dvd we watching first" I asked as I took off my jacket and scarf as Astons eyes watched me intently.
"Arthurrrrr" He winked, I put the DVD in the player and chucked Aston the remote, I slipt off my leggins and put them on my chair before looking up at Aston grinning at me.
"Press play" I winked as he looked at the tv and pressed play before his eyes wondered back to me, I slipt of my t-shirt and place it on top of my leggins before going round and climbing into bed next to Aston. I leant up and kissed him softly as he smiled and wrapped his arms around me as we cuddled up together and watched the film.

"Well that was not as good as I expected" He sulked.
"Mmm same" I laughed as the credits rolled down the screen.
"Go put the other film in then" He laughed.
"Why dont you" I mumbled resting my head on his chest.
"Cos your sat on me" He grinned as I got out of bed and went into my en suite, I went to the toilet then washed my face as I was rather flustered then went back into the bedroom as Aston put the other DVD in, he went into the en suite as I climbed back into bed and had a mouthful of coke from the bottle.
"Im ready" He grinned jumping over me and climbing under the douvet as I spread my legs over his and he pulled me closer to him. He wrapped his arms back around me then kissed the top of my head as I smiled and pressed play.
"Im scared" I muttered.
"It'll be fine, You've got me" He smiled as I nodded. The film started and Aston turned of the bedside light.
"Your a bitch Aston" I sighed as he laughed and cuddled me tighter. I opened a bag of popcorn as the film started. Half way through the film it just got worse and scarier, I burried my face into Astons chest as he stroked my bare back.
"I dont wanna watch this" I cried.
"Dont then babe, Come here" He replied pulling me onto his lap as my knees where either side of him, I pressed my chest against his and placed my head on his shoulder.
"You okay" He whispered.
"Yeah" I replied as I turned to face the TV.
"Do you want me to turn it off" He asked as I shook my head and kissed his lips. I placed my head back on his chest and watched the film from the corner of my eye as Aston kept stroking my back to comfort me.
"That was great" Aston grinned pushing me off him as he turned off the film and put the bedside light on.
"No it wasnt" I muttered as he climbed back into bed.
"Well good night" He smirked laying down and closing his eyes.
"Aston please dont got to sleep" I panicked leaning over him and stroking his cheek.
"Im joking babe, Im not tired" He grinned roling over as I pressed my lips against his.
"I feel bad making you watch that" He chuckled as I shrugged.
"Dont" I smiled pushing my pillow against the head board and leaning against it. I grabbed the bottle of coke and took a swig from it before offering it to Aston, He took the bottle of me and had some of the coke as I grabbed the bag of strawberry laces.
"I didnt know we got these" I laughed looking over to Aston.
"Thought i'd stick some in as I know there your favourite" He spoke as a cute little grin appeared accross his cheeks, I leant down and pressed my lips against his before opening the packet and taking one out.
"Dont be a bitch" He moaned as I moved the strawberry lace away from his mouth every time he went to bite it. I let out a giggle as he grabbed my wrist and placed it in his mouth. He gave me a cheeky wink then took one out the packet and placed it in my mouth. I shuffled down the bed and rest my head on his chest as he stroked my arm.
"Have you er asked your Mum about London yet" He mumlbed whilst twisting the ends of my hair in his fingers.
"No not yet, I've been thinking about it quite alot" I replied as I rest my chin on his chest and looked up at him, he placed a hand on my cheek and stroked it gently.
"Go on babe..." He replied as I sighed and kissed his chest.
"I dont know, If I should go or not" I mumbled as he pulled his hand away and ran it through his hair.
"Why not" He sighed sitting up slightly as I moved.
"Its your dream babe, Not mine" I sighed as he looked down and fiddled with his fingers.
"So you dont want to marry me and have kids with me" He questioned.
"Babe im 17, Im not really thinking about that right now" I replied sitting on his lap as he folded his arms.
"I just want whats best for us, I wanna be with you for my whole life" He mumbled looking down.
"I know babe, But think about it when your famous, You'll be busy all the time, You wont have time for me, we'll never really see each other, we could have a huge argument and you might fall in love with some one else, There'll be alot more prettier girls than me and you know i'll have a challenge and I..." I kept going on as Aston tried to get me to stop.
"Shut up!" He snapped as I looked at him tears in my eyes.
"Im sorry" He sighed hugging me.
"Im just scared Ast" I whispered closing my eyes.
"Baby dont be, We'll be okay" He whispered.
"You need to see it from my point of view Ast, You'll be living your dream with your dream career but I wont be and I dont want that" I whispered as I gently stroked his cheek.
"I never really thought of it like that" He mumbled.
"I know, You just got kinda caught up" I shrugged.
"No I didnt" He replied.
"You did, You didnt think about what i want" I snapped.
"I thought you'd want the same thing as me" He replied.
"Oh yes because I want to live with a load of lads while you study at university, Then spend the rest of my life on my own while you get followed around the country by aload of girls" I snapped again, I climbed out of bed and slipt on a pair of my joggers and a vest top then tied up my hair.
"Oh well thanks babe, It has to be about you again, Doesnt matter what I want" He glared.
"Shut up Aston its always about you" I yelled as he got dressed.
"No its about you, Again, Like it always is!" He yelled as foot steps came up the stairs.
"Are you two okay" My mum asked opening the door.
"Yeah great, I was just leaving" Aston replied.
"Good, Cos I dont want you here" I yelled at him.
"Love you too" He mumbled before going down the stairs, I heard the front door slam and I sighed and laid on my bed.

"Whats happened? What was all the about?" Mum asked as she sat next to me.
"Its a long story" I whispered as tears rolled down my cheeks.
"Lets get you a warm drink and then you can tell me okay" Mum smiled as I nodded and followed her down the stairs. I went and sat in the living room as she went into the kitchen to make hot chocolates.
"Here you go hun, you left your phone in the kitchen as well" Mum smiled placing the hot chocolates down on the coffee table and handing me my phone. She sat down next to me and pulled me into a hug, I love my Mum she's like my best friend!
"What happened" She asked as I pulled away and sipped my hot chocolate.
"Well the other night at JJ's I found out Aston got excepted into a uni in London he applied for but he never told me about it, He asked me to move to London so we can live our dream and get married and whatever, But i told him it wasnt my dream it was his and he took it as if i didnt wanna marry him and have kids with him, But i do its just im 17 i shouldnt be thinking about this right now, i wanna get some where in life not just sit around and watch Aston get some where in life, Then he said it was always about me and that it doesnt matter about what he wants" I cried as tears spilled down my cheeks.
"This argument is pathetic, I dont even know why it started, we've never argued I dont know what to do mum" I cried as she hugged me tight.
"Shhhh it'll be okay, We'll go round Siobhans..." She started, "No im not going round there" I replied shaking my head and pulling away as I dried my eyes with a tissue and finished my hot chocolate as the house phone began to rang.
"Hello....Oh hello Siobhan....Yes i've heard about it....Yeah uh huh....Okay, Yeah okay....Goodbye" Mum put the phone back down and looked over at me.
"What did she say" I mumbled.
"She asked if I knew what happened and what we're gonna do cos neither of you will see eachother" She sighed taking the mugs into the kitchen as I sat back and got facebook up on my phone. I updated my status to 'Good night turned shit! lwkihualrk ARGH.' Rachel commented telling me to inbox her as did Harriet and Natasha. I inboxed them telling them about whats happened with Aston, I know its nothing major but, We've never argued. I was scrolling down my time line when I noticed Astons status 'Feel like i've fucked everything up, I have a thing for doing this' JJ commented on it and a few more of Astons friends asking whats happened. I signed out of facebook and opened up a new message 'Can we talk?xx' I put and sent it to Aston as I rest my head on the arm rest. My phone chimed and i had a message from Aston, I opened it up and read it 'Sure babe, Come round?xx'
"Mum" I called as I went into the kitchen.
"Yeah babe" She asked.
"Im going round Astons can you come please?" I asked her as she nodded, We got our shoes on and locked up the house as we made our way down to Astons.
Mum knocked on the door as I stood behind her, Siobhan opened the door and greeted us both with a hug as we walked inside.
"Would you two like a drink" She smiled as we sat down at the breakfast bar.
"Can I have a glass of coke please" I smiled as she nodded.
"Oh hey babe" A voice spoke as Conor stood next to me.
"Hey Con" I grinned hugging him.
"You okay, Aston told me you argued" He questioned.
"Yeah im fine, It was just a pathetic argument really" I shrugged.
"No it wasnt" Another voice spoke as Aston stood in the doorway.
"Ast it was, Its stupid we shouldnt be arguing about stuff like that" I sighed looking down at the floor.
"Babe its our future, We cant just go around getting drunk all the time anymore" He sighed wrapping his arms around my waist as I rest my head on his chest.
"I know" I whispered closing my eyes.
"We need to talk about this" He whispered as I looked up at him and nodded, He pressed his lips against mine and I smiled and cuddled him.
"Well im off too get drunk" Con grinned as he hugged us all goodbye then left.
"We'll sort this out with you, We want wants best as well" Siobhan smiled as we nodded. We went and sat down in the front room in an awkward silence.
"I dont know what to say" Aston shrugged as he looked up at his Mum.
"Well i'll start" I sighed running my hand through my hair.

"This is weird, We've never argued, I've never been awkward around you, I dunno what to do, Youve got excepted into one of the best uni's in England, I know that i'll get in the way if i come with you, Yes I want to be with you and spend my life with you, But maybe its not meant to be like that, I know you dont wanna let go and neither do I but you need to forcus and achieve your dreams Aston, If its what you want then you go for it! Dont wait around for me, I need to focus on what I want to do, I'll be proud of you no matter what happens, I just need to live my own life Ast" I replied as I kept my head down the room was silently until Aston let out a sigh.
"I dont know what to say" He shrugged.
"I think im gonna go" I mumbled standing up.
"Babe dont" He sighed taking my hand.
"Ive just poured my heart out too you and you have nothing to say to me" I laughed slightly.
"I need to take it all in, I dont know what to say, i didnt know you felt like that, If I knew asking you to move to London with me would cause so much shit I would never of asked you" He snapped.
"Aston..." Siobhan started.
"No mum! She started all of this, I just wanted her to come with me so we can be together and be happy, But no clearly you dont want that" He glared at me as tears began to roll down my cheeks. The glare left his face as his eyes had a glint of guilt in them.
"Im a complete dick, Baby please dont cry" He whispered going to hug me.
"Please dont cry, Aston your having ago at me for wanting to get some where with my life! Yeah you are a complete dick, You know what fuck you, Fuck this relationship!" I yelled at him.
"You dont mean that" He whispered his eyes glistening with tears.
"Gem babe calm down" Siobhan smiled slightly.
"Yes Aston I do, Go get a girlfriend who doesnt want to get any where in life" I replied as I left the house. I ran down the street and cut through the park as I ran up the path to Rachel's house, I banged on the door as my tears fell faster down my cheeks. She opened the door grinning but her face dropped when she saw me.
"Babe what happened" She panicked as she pulled me inside and shut the door, She wrapped her arms around me and I cried into her shoulder.
"Aston hates me" I cried.
"Babe whats....Gem you okay" JJ panicked as he came over to me.
"Does she look okay" Rach asked sarcastically.
"Im so sorry if you two where having a night in" I pancked.
"No dont worry about it, Mum went out so Jay came round now come tell me whats happened" She smiled taking my hand.
"Is it too do with Aston" JJ asked looking up from his phone as I nodded.
"Thought so, Im just popping round his, He's asked me to go round, Chin up babe" He smiled kissing the top of my head then leaving.
"Rach im sorry" I sighed as I dried my cheeks.
"Dont be! Your my best friend im here for you 24/7" She smiled as I hugged her.
"Now whats happened" She asked wiping away a stray tear.
"Well you know I inboxed you about the argument we had, Well i went round to sort it out, I poured my heart out too him, he didnt say anything, Then we had an argument and ive just ended it" I whispered as I started crying again.
"You broke up with him" She asked shocked.
"Yeah but it was in the heat of the moment" I mumbled.
"I dont know what to say babe" She whispered cuddling me.
"What do I do? Do I go round and sort it out? Wait for him to make the effort? Just leave it..." I asked her as she sighed.
"I dont know lets just wait till JJ gets back, If he doesnt stay at Astons" She replied as my phone began to ring [Incoming Call-Mum!x]. I grabbed my phone and placed it by my ear.
Me: Helloo
Mum: Honey where are you?
Me: Im at Rachels, Is that okay?
Mum: Of course it is! Are you okay?
Me: Hmm I dont know
Mum: Aston's locked himself in his room
Me: JJ's on his way over
Mum: Okay well im going home now, Are you coming back or staying there?
Me: I'll be back home soon!
Mum: Okay love you
Me: Love you mum bye
I ended the call and put my phone back on the coffee table.
"This is pathetic, I cant be dealing with arguing with him now" I sighed as the front door shut.
"Jay" Rach called as he came through with Chris.
"What did Ast say" Rach asked as Jay sighed.
"He wouldnt speak to me" He snapped.
"This is all my fault" I sighed shaking my head.
"Babe its not" He smiled slightly hugging me.
"Im gonna go home, I'll text you or something" I mumbled hugging Rachel.
"You dont have to" She smiled.
"I do" I whispered as I left the house and made my way home.

"Gem is that you?" My mum called as I shut the door behind me.
"Yeah its me" I muttered kicking my shoes off and hanging up my jacket.
"You okay?" She asked walking into the kitchen as I made myself a warm drink.
"What do you think Mum?" I sighed as she pulled me in for a hug.
"It will be okay, Everything will be back to normal in no time" She smiled slightly.
"It wont thought will it, He's leaving mum, he's going to London, im never going to see him again" I whispered looking down to hide my tears.
"We need to sort this, Its not right you too being like this" She shook her head and I shrugged.
"It will get sorted in it own time, Im going to go to bed, Good night" I smiled slightly hugging her then taking my drink with me. I went into my room and shut the door. I put my drink down then collapsed onto my bed just as I got a text message from Rachel. [Babe Astons off out tonight to get drunk, you want me to go like keep an eye on him?xxx] I sighed knowing how this would end up and replied to her [No babe its fine, Sorry about tonight! Just leave him, if he fucks up then he fucks up xxx] I opened a new message and began tapping away. I then soon changed my mind and cancelled it. Getting up and getting I changed, i went and did my nightly routine before climbing into bed and cuddling into my douvet closing my eyes to hold back my tears.
I woke up in the morning feeling abit better until I remember last nights argument. I checked my phone having 7 messages and 4 missed calls, I frowned before viewing the calls. 2 from Aston, 1 from JJ and one from Rachel. I opened the messages, 3 from Rachel, 3 from Aston, 1 from Chris? I opened the ones from Rachel first. [I went out last night babe, JJ wanted to go, I need to speak to you ASAP!xxx] [Babe when you're up text me, its important!xxxx] [BABE GET UP!] I was even more confused, I opened the text from Chris reading...[Hey babe, I dont know if you heard about last night but im here for you!xx]. I began to panicking what was so important that Rachel needed to tell me and what was Chris talking about?! I glanced at the clock half 2 in the afternoon, Must of needed a sleep like that. I opened the messages from Aston hoping this would give me the answer to my questions. [Babygirl, whatever you hear, I want you to know that I love you so much, It was a mistake, I need you to come round and here it from me! Axxxx] My heart began to beat faster, I opened the other two messages [Babe come round when you're up, We need to speak about last night?xxxx] [Babygirl, please dont ignore me:(] I replied to his text saying [Aston what the hell are you going on about? Whats Rachel on about and Chris? What have you done?:\x]. I climbed out of bed and changed into my joggers before dropping my phone into the pocket and heading downstairs.
"Morning mum" I smiled weakily as she looked up at me from her fashion magazine.
"Good morning babe, How you feeling?" She asked pulling me in for a hug then switching on the kettle.
"Confused, very confused" I shook my head frowning then sat down at the breakfast bar.
"Whats confused you?" She asked striing the liquid in the mug.
"I woke up to 7 texts and 4 missed calls" I replied slowly whilst she sat opposite me.
"Who where the calls from?" She questioned. I sipped my drink then placed it down on the coaster.
"2 from Aston, One from JJ, One from Rachel" I shrugged walking my fingers around the mug rim.
"And the texts?" She asked.
"3 from Rachel, 3 from Aston and one from Chris, Rachel said she needs to speak to me and she went out last night with the boys as Aston wanted to get drunk, Chris said he's sorry about what happened last night as he has just found out and Aston said he needs to speak to me and it was all a mistake" I spoke slowly as I tried figuring the puzzle out in my head.
"About the argument?" Mum asked and I shook my head.
"No I think something happened with Aston" I mumbled looking up at her.
"The best thing I can suggest is too get ready and when you feel like it go round to his" She smiled slightly placing a hand on my shoulder.
"It'll be okay" She nodded kissing my forehead then slipping on her shoes.
"Where are you going?" I asked her finishing my warm drink and placing the empty mug by the sink.
"Food shopping dear" She smiled.
"Okay, I'll see you later" I smiled giving her a hug. She left the house and I got myself some buttered toast sorted out before munching away. I made my way upstairs after clearing away. Making my way into the shower I washed my hair and body before spending a few minutes to relax. After I had dried and moisturised I got dressed into my leggins a simple top and Astons chunky cardigan. I dried and straightened my hair. I pinned back my fringe then applied my make up. Slipping on my shoes I grabbed my phone and went downstairs. {on way to yours now.] I sent Aston a text message before locking the door behind me and making my way down to his house. I knocked on the front door. It opened straight away revealing a pissed off Conor. His face dropped and he launched himself at me throwing his arms around my shoulders.
"Im so sorry babe, He's a complete dick, Im not speaking to him, I refuse" He blabbered on as we went inside.
"Okay Conor stop, Why is everyone saying sorry to me? Whose a dick? Who aren't you talking to? Just tell me whats going on im so confused" I cried burrying my head in my hands. Uneasy cough disturbed me. My head shot up as Aston stood next to Conor. He had his grey nike joggers on and no top. But what shocked me was his torso and neck covered in love bites.

Wednesday, 28 December 2011

I Cant Love You More Than This

Part One.
It was a cold day, Middle of winter. I was on my way into town to Nando's to meet my friends. Harry, Louis, Zayn, Liam, Niall, Natasha and Lucy. I walked inside the restaurant the chicken aroma made me smile. I saw Niall and Natasha cuddled up at a table so I made my way over.
"Alright guys" I smiled as they pulled away and each greeted me with a hug before I took a seat next to Natasha.
"Hello babe" She smiled resting her head back on Nialls shoulder.
"You two alright?" I asked them getting my phone out and placing it on the table.
"Yeah we're good, We're good" Niall replied twisitng the ends of Natasha's hair. I envyed there relationship so much.
"Where are the others do you know?" I chuckled as my phone virbated against the wooden table indicating that I had a message.
"On there way im guessing" Natasha giggled and I nodded opening the message from Harry. [Hey babe! We're nearly there, will you order our usuallys please gorgeous? Love you!xxx] I smiled and put my phone back down.
"They're on there way, Asked if we can order there usuals" I smiled getting up and pulling my top down.
"I'll come and help" Natasha smiled as her and Niall got up.
"I'll grab drinks" Niall grinned as we made our way over to the till and ordered everyones usual meals whilst Niall toddled off to get the drinks. We grabbed some drinks off Niall and made our way back to the table where everyone had arrived.
"Finally" Niall joked as we placed down the drinks.
"Hey babe" Louis smiled pushing past Harry and pulling me in for a hug.
"Hey you" I grinned wrapping my arms tight around his waist before sitting down next to him.
"Babeeee i've missed you" Harry joked cuddling me into his chest as Louis rolled his eyes.
"Missed you to Hazza" I joked pulling away and sipping my drinking.
"Harry go find some pussy" Louis winked towards him making the boys laugh.
"Oh I have dont you worry Loulou" He replied pushing Louis.
"So Lucy, How are things?" I smiled striking up a conversation with her as we waited for our meals. Eventually they where placed down infront of us and we began to eat. Louis's arm crept around my waist making me smile, I shuffled closer to him then carried on enjoying my meal.
"So what we going to do now?" I asked glancing at each of them.
"Lets go back to mine just lounge around in duvets and watch a film?" Harry suggested.
"Yeah thats sounds fun, We havent had a lazy day for ages" I sulked as Natasha and Lucy nodded in agreement.
"I'll pay" Liam smiled taking out his wallet.
"Aww thank you Liam" I grinned hugging him. We made our way outside as we waited for Liam before heading off to Harry's and Louis's place.
"Is my onezy still at yours" I grinned cheekly towards both the boys.
"It is babe" Louis laughed knowing how much I loved my onezy. We arrived at the boys home and made our way inside, each kicking off our shoes
"We'll get the duvets" Zayn and Harry smiled.
"Im going to get changed" I winked making my way upstairs as Louis followed behind.
"Here ugly" He joked chucking me my grey white zipped onezy.
"Thanks spastic" I rolled my eyes going into his en suite and changing into it before going back into his room and placing my clothes on the bed. I pulled my hood up and wrapped my arms around Louis's waist.
"You okay?" He asked concered.
"Im fine, Now you've changed lets go watch the film" I smiled taking his hand as we went downstairs. I went and sat by Natasha and rest my head on her shoulder as she rest hers on Nialls. Louis swaggered over resting his head on my shoulder and cuddling into me making me chuckle.
"Babe come sit here" Harry smiled patting his legs and grinnign at Lucy. She didnt hesitate, She jumped up and cuddled into him. I smiled at them then cuddled into Louis chest as we snuggled in our onezy's.

Part Two.
"Do you all want to crash here tonight?" Louis asked everyone but his gaze stayed on me.
"I will" Lucy grinned blushing as she sat up from Harry.
"You know I will" I chuckled resting my head back on Louis's chest.
"We're off out tonight pal" Zayn winked as him and Liam got up and stretched.
"Are you going now?" Harry asked them as Liam nodded.
"Bye guys, It was nice to see you" I smiled jumping up and hugging each of them.
"And you babe we'll arrange something" Zayn smiled kissing my cheek. After everyone said there goodbyes the boys left and we all glanced at Niall and Natasha.
"So love birds, Are you staying or...?" Harry chuckled.
"Night in boys sorry" Niall winked nudging Louis.
"Some ones getting some pussy" Harry chimed making me and Lucy giggle.
"Shame you two arent" Natasha winked at both Harry and Louis. I burst out laughing and high fived her before hugging them both goodbye.
"At least i've still got you" Louis grinned taking my hand as we made our way upstairs. He closed his bedroom door behind him as I laid down on his bed.
"I think Harry likes you" Louis muttered switching on the tv before diving next to me.
"No he doesnt" I shook my head cuddling into his side.
"He acts it" He shrugged.
"Well even if he does, He's out of luck because I dont like him, I've got my eyes on some one else" I winked sitting up.
"Who, tell me who?" He gasped grabbing my waist.
"Not telling you" I chuckled.
"Fine you know what this means" He scowled sitting on my waist and tickling my sides.
"LOUIS" I screamed through my laughter.
"Say you tap out" He grinned continuing to tickle me.
"I tap out i tap out" I cried as he climbed off me.
"Now tell me...Please?" He smiled cutely.
"Well he's got brown hair, Bluey green eyes" I smiled playing with his fingers.
"That narrows it down to 2/5's of London's population" He mumbled.
"He's muscley, He's cute and funny" I giggled.
"Do I know him?" He asked.
"You know him inside and out" I winked stroking his cheek.
"OH MY GOD ITS HARRY YOU LIKE HARRY" He yelled and I shook my head.
"You're so stupid, Everyone knows just by how I act around them" I rolled my eyes as the door opened.
"Who likes Harry?" Harry asked frowning.
"Im trying to guess who she likes, I thought its you but its not" Louis sulked.
"He doesnt know yet" Harry laughed and I shook my head.
"Im sorry its hard" He muttered.
"I'll give you another clue" I smiled as he nodded. I leant down and gently pressed my lips against his before pulling away as his cheeks turned a light shade of pink.
"So you've kissed him..."Louis started.
"Oh my god Louis, ITS YOU" Harry yelled before leaving the room.
"I like you dipshit" I chuckled flicking his forehead.
"Really?" He asked.
"This is going to be awkward now" I laughed slightly looking down.
"No I like you, I have for a while" He laughed rubbing the back of his neck.
"You only like me because I like carrots" I joked.
"Ew dont, I hate carrots since i got that many sent to me at x factor" He wretched wrapping his arms around my waist and pulling me down on top of me. He pressed his lips against mine making me smile. Our tongues gently touched and we kissed passionately for a short while before pulling away. Both of us unable to stop smiling.

Part Three.
Me and Louis where cuddled up under the duvet surrounded by pillows as we watched the film 'Incepetion'. His arms where tight around my waist and I was nestled into his neck.
"Tomorrow night, Any plans?" He smiled twisting the ends of my hair around his fingers.
"Nothing why?" I replied crawling further under the quilt and resting my head on his lap.
You want to go out for something to eat, just us?" He blushed laying down beside me.
"Babe i'd love too! We should ask Natasha and Niall to come?" I smiled and he nodded.
"Yeah okaay" He grinned kissing my forehead.
"I'll text Tash" I smiled grabbing my phone and opening a new text. [Hey babe! Me and Louis are off out tomorrow night for something to eat, You and Niall fancy joining us, Double date?:Dxxxx] I sent the message before rolling onto my front and pressing my lips against Louis's making him smile into the kiss as his hands plunked on my bum.
"Guys we're...Oh sorry" A chirpy voice giggled as I pulled away from Louis and turned around.
"Are you two together?" She gasped glancing at each of us.
"No" I chuckled squeezing Louis's hand.
"But you like eachother?" She smiled and we both nodded.
"Babe come on...Ohhhhhhhhh" Harry winked making me laugh.
What do you want?" I sighed raising my eyebrows at them.
"Alright alright moody" Harry rolled his eyes.
"Oi you, Yeah you, mop head, leave my chick alone, you get me" Louis joked sitting up.
"What you gonna do if I dont huh, huh well?" Harry yelled tapping his chest.
"Fight me kitty" Louis yelled standing on the bed.
"You two are so childish" I muttered getting up and walking over to Lucy.
"So what did you come to ask?" I smiled leaning against the door frame.
"Me and Harry are going to the shop, Do you want anything?" She asked.
"I'll ask Louis" I smiled turning around to Louis being stuck in a headlock by Harry.
"You want anything from shop LouLou" I called to him. He pushed Harry off him then came over to us.
"Some beers" He nodded wrapping an arm around my shoulder.
"I was getting them any way" Harry rolled his eyes so Louis pushed him.
"No im going shop you two stay here" Louis yelled dragging Harry down the stairs.
"Oh okay?" I laughed confused before following Lucy down the stairs. The boys left and we went and sat in the front room.
"So you and Lou?" She grinned chucking a pillow at me.
"I like him, He likes me" I shrugged trying to hide my huge smile.
"Are you going out on a date or anything like has he asked you?" She asked wide eyed.
"Well we're going out tomorrow and we've asked Tash and Niall if they're up for a double date" I grinned finally letting my smile show. My phone vibrated in my pocket indicating I had a message. I pulled it out and opened the message which would let me know Natasha's response. [Hey you! You and Louis ey? I always knew it:D! Yeah we're up for that, text me the details!xxxxx] I let out a quiet squeal before putting my phone on the table as Lucy switched on the TV. 20 minutes later the boys had returned and where banging and crashing around in the kitchen.
"Louis" I called turning the channel over.
"Yes babe?" He yelled back.
"Come hereee" I called giggling. He began muttering in the kitchen before walking in with his hands behind his back.
"Yes?" He grinned as I opened my arms waiting for a hug. He pulled his arms out from his back handing me a bottle of red wine and a single red rose.
"For you" He blushed handing them over to me.
"You little cutie" I grinned jumping up and kissing him after taking the wine and rose off him.
"Have you heard back from Natasha?" He asked slumping down on the sofa next to me with a can of beer.
"Yeah they're gonna come, Just need to text them the details" I smiled cuddling into his chest after having some of his beer.
"Good, Im looking forward to it" He whispered kissing my lips gently as we settle down to watch Michael McIntyre cracking some jokes.

Part Four.
"Im so tired" I yawned resting my head onto Louis's shoulder and closing my eyes.
"You want to go to bed?" He asked stroking my hair.
"You'd like that wouldnt you Louis?" Harry rolled his eyes.
"Yes I would" He nodded taking my hand and helping me up.
"Night you two" I smiled hugging each of them before heading up the stairs with Louis. We went into his room and he unzipped his onezy then slipped on his joggers.
"Im really looking forward too tomorrow you know" He spoke watching me. I grabbed a top out of his wardrobe then turned around as I unzipped my onezy. I pulled my arms out as it dropped too the floor.
"Wit woo" Louis chirped I turned my head to face as he sat grinning his gaze on my bum. I slipt his top over my head before climbing under the duvet and cuddling into him.
"Its not even that late" I giggled playing with his messy hair.
"Just your excuse for a cudlle aint it babe?" He winked and I smirked.
"Well I am tired..." I shrugged rolling over turning my back to him. He curved his body around mine and placed a hand on my hip making me giggle.
"Do you mind spooning me babe" I chuckled.
"Er no not really" He whispered in my ear as I closed my eyes. We began just chatting away, just small talk before we both fell asleep. I woke up in the morning and stretched out my arms. Louis was still spooning me and was fast asleep, My top was raised up clearly from where I had been wriggling around. I moved out of Louis's grip and pulled my top down before kissing the side of his head and making my way downstairs.
"Shall we wake them" A voice spoke from in the kitchen.
"Well wake Louis if you wish" I replied grabbing my self a glass of orange juice.
"That'll be my job" Harry smiled making his way upstairs.
"You alright babe?" Lucy asked as we sat down at the breakfast bar eating Harry's plate of toast.
"Yeah im fine, are you?" I covered my mouth as I replied with food in it.
"Yeah, Had a lovely night with Harry" She blushed so I grinned at her.
"Thank you for waking me up fucking munter" Louis muttered storming down the stairs Harry laughing behind.
"Remind me not to speak to you in a morning" I winked at him and he smiled.
"Babe, Good morning" He smiled placing a gentle kiss on my lips.
"Why couldnt I have a greeting like that" Harry mumbled as Lucy and I began laughing.
"Come here harry poo" Louis joked pulling kissy faces at him.
"Babe we ate your toast" Lucy shrugged kissing Harrys cheek then going upstairs.
"You did what?!" He screeched.
"Nothing" I winked making my way upstairs along with Lucy.
"What we doing today babe?" She asked me as I sat down on Harrys bed next to her.
"Wanna go shopping, Tash can come" She smiled and I nodded.
"Sounds good, What about the boys?" I chuckled and she shrugged.
"What about us boys?" Harry asked diving onto the bad as Louis snaked his arms around me.
"We're going shopping, Fancy coming?" I asked.
"Im up for that, Harry?" Louis spoke and Harry smiled and nodded.
"Okay well im going to get ready" I smiled climbing off the bed and grabbing Louis's hand. He winked at Harry before we went into his room.
"Do I still have some clothes from when I last stayed?" I asked as he began rummaging through his wardrobe.
"Yeah here babe" He smiled handing me a small pile of clothes. We each got ready and did our morning routines then went downstairs and got on our shoes as we waited for Harry and Lucy.
"Lets go" They smiled as we left and climbed into Louis's car.
"I hope many fans wont be out today" Harry sighed obviously remembering when they last went to town.
"Dont worry i'll fight them off" I laughed patting his knee as we went to meet Zayn, Liam, Niall and Natasha.

Part Five.
We greeted eachother with hugs and kisses on the cheek before making our way over to starbucks. We each sat down and began chatting before send Louis and Liam to go get the coffees.
"So you and Louis?" Natasha grinned at me as I let out a small squeal.
"I really like him" I mumbled glancing over to him before looking back at Natasha.
"You will make such a cute couple" She smiled hugging me.
"Who will?" Harry asked raising his eyebrows at us.
"Gem and Lou" Tash smiled resting her head on Nialls shoulder.
"What about me and Gem?" Louis asked sitting down next to me as everyone grabbed their coffees.
"Nothing" Tash winked. I giggled and kissed his cheek before sipping at my coffee.
"Zaynnnn" Louis fluttered his eye lashes towards Zayn.
"Tash said you and Gem make a good couple, Thats it bro" Zayn chuckled.
"You think so?" Louis grinned at Natasha.
"Of course, You're so cute" She smiled back.
"I need a dress for tonight" I gasped looking over to Lucy who sat nodding.
"I'll see you later" I smiled wrapping my arms around his neck and leaning up to kiss him.
"Urgh not here" Harry mumbled convering his eyes.
"Shut up mophead" Louis laughed chuking his empty cup at Harry then kissing me softly. I smiled and cuddled into his chest.
"Come on babe, Tash are you coming or staying with Niall?" Lucy raised her eyebrows.
"Actually me and Niall are off to do our own shopping" She shrugged as a smirk spread across Nialls cheek.
"Suit yourself" I winked as we left starbucks and made our way around Oxford Street. I found a nice cream lace dress in Topshop and a pair of shiny black heels with a silk bow.
"Think im sorted" I smiled as we left the shop.
"In the space of an hour, not bad" Lucy chuckled as we made our way to meet the boys.
"They're there" I laughed pointing over to them talking to a group of girls.
"Shall we wait?" She asked slowing down her walk.
"No im sure they'll be okay" I smiled walking up behind Louis as Lucy toddled over to Harry.
"Found what you where after?" Louis smiled placing an arm around my waist.
"I have" I grinned wrapping my arm around him.
"Awww" The girls smiled at us making me smile knowing that I wouldnt get so much hate if me and Louis got together.
"Well it was nice to meet you girls, Enjoy your day" Louis smiled hugging each of them before we walked away.
"So you wanna head back and start getting ready, I'll walk you home?" Louis suggested, I nodded my head and we said goodbye to the others before cutting through the park as he walked me back home. It was only round the corner from him anyway.
"Well i'll see you later" He smiled wrapping his arms around my waist.
"Text me and i'll walk over" I grinned wrapping my arms around his neck.
"Okay babe, I'll come and meet you, I'll text Niall letting him now whats happening" He nodded and I smiled and pressed my lips against his.
"Goodbye" I bit my lip unlocking my door and stepping inside.
"Bye beautiful" He winked blowing me a kiss then walking awat. I shut my front door and dashed upstairs. I put my bag on the bed undressed then went into the bathroom. I turned on the shower then climbed into it the hot water relaxing my body. I washed my hair and body then climbed out and got dry before going into my bedroom just as my phone began to ring. An unexpected phone call from Harry?

Part Six.
M: Hey babe
H: Alright beautiful
M: You okay? You dont normally call?
H: Just wanted to ask you something
M: Okay shoot?
H: You know Lucy...
M: Yeah?
H: I kind of really like her, But she's doesnt like me
M: Who does she like?
H: She likes Zayn but Zayn doesnt like her?
M: Take her out, Show her how much of a great guy you are, She needs to see the side of you not many people see
H: You're the only girl that ever see's that side of me, Being my best friend and everything
M: I know babe, You'll just have to try alot harder with her
H: I suppose
M: Take her out on a date like you did with me when we went on our first day
H: That was one of the best nights of my life
M: Yeah same here, Anyway babe, I need to get ready for my date
H: Okay babe, Thanks for this little chat
M: You know im always here for you
H: Thanks babe, Love you!
M: Love you too babe
H: Goodbye
M: Bye
The phone went dead and I smiled to myself knowing I had the most amazing best friend ever. I dropped my towel on the floor and slipt on my underwear then a zipped up jacket as I began to do my hair and make up. I pulled on my dress then slipped on my heels. I covered myself with my Daisy perfume before grabbing my clutch and putting my money in. I sent Louis a text letting him know i was on my way before leaving the house. I knocked on the door and Harry opened the door smiling away. He saw me and his jaw dropped his eyes travelled my body before starring into my eyes.
"Woah babe you look beautiful" He smiled taking my hand and leading me inside.
"Aww thank you Hazza" I giggled hugging him.
"Reminds me of when I took you out, Except it was me at your door" He laughed as Louis came bounding down the stairs in a white and blue stripey top with brown chino's and his famous toms.
"You looks amazing" He smiled taking my hand and kissing my lips.
"Thank you, So do you" I grinned at him.
"Well mophead we're off to meet Niall and Natasha, You behave now, In bed for nine" Louis warned as Harry nodded his head frantically.
"Of course Mum" He chirped making me giggle.
"Bye babe" I smiled hugging him before we left and made our way to the restaurant.

Part Seven.
"Is something going on with you and Harry?" Louis asked taking my hand and interlooking our fingers.
"No, Why would you think that?" I chuckled swinging his arm as we went into the restaurant.
"You just seem alot closer" He shrugged as we waited to be taken to our table.
"Babe he's my best friend" I giggled placing a hand on his cheek.
"Yeah I know its just...Oh i dont know im just being stupid" He smiled slightly.
"I like you not Harry, Besides he kind of likes Lucy" I winked as a waitor came over with two menu's.
"Table for two" He questioned.
"4 actually, We're waiting for our friends" I smiled as he nodded and took us towards a table. A small candle balanced in the middle and a single rose beside it.
"This is cute" I giggled as Louis pulled out my chair for me.
"It is" He smiled sitting opposite me. I wrapped my legs around his and took his hands into mine, the waitor placed down our menu's before walking away. Not long after we'd sat down Natasha and Niall arrived. Natasha had on a fitted LBD and leopard print shoes, She was stunning she always made me jealous! Niall strolled over in his polo shirt and baggy jeans. I stood up and greeted them both with a hug before sitting back down. Natasha sat next to me as Niall sat next to Louis.
"You look stunning babe" Natasha smiled at me.
"Thanks, You look gorgeous" I grinned at her.
"You both look beautiful" Niall smiled and Louis nodded his head in agreement before taking hold of my hands.
"So what is every one drinking tonight" Natasha giggled scanning down the Alcoholic menu.
"Bottle of red?" Niall suggested glancing at each of us.
"I fancy a cider bro" Louis sulked.
"I'll have a coke and malibu you two can have the bottle of red" I giggled as Natasha shrugged and nodded.
"OKay then, And to eat?" Niall asked. We discussed what we where going to have to eat then asked over the waitor. We ordered our drinks and food. After our drinks had come we began to chat.
"We need to find Zayn and Harry girlfriends then we can all go on a huge date" Natasha beamed.
"Oh my god that would be so fun" I laughed glancing at her.
"Thought you said Harry liked Lucy, So they could get together?" Louis suggested.
"Yeah but Lucy likes Zayn, Thats why harry rang me asking for advice" I smiled sipping my drink.
"When did he ring you?" Louis laughed slightly.
"Like half an hour before I came to yours" I replied placing down my drink.
"So he said love you too you down the phone?" He asked and I nodded.
"We always do" I smiled shrugging my shoulders.
"Oh right" He muttered turning to strike up a conversation with Niall.
"Umm" I looked at Natasha worried.
"He's jealous thats all babe" She reassured me and I nodded. Louis turned back around and sipped his drink. I leant over the table and pressed my lips against his before sitting back down and smiling at him.
"What was that for?" He blushed.
"You just seemed kind of bummed out" I shrugged looking down.
"Its just you and Harry...Do you still er like him, You know from when you where together?" He mumbled smoothing his hands down his top.
"You think I still like Harry?" I asked quite taken back.
"A little" He replied looking up at me.
"Babe I dont like Harry, I told you this 20 minutes ago, I like you, Me and Harry are best friends, Yeah we used to date, Yeah we say love you down the phone to eachother, It doesnt mean anything" I replied taking his hands into mine and interlocking our fingers.
"It doesnt?" He asked and I shook my head.
"If it did I wouldnt be here with you now, Would I" I smiled, He smiled back and leant over and kissed my forehead just as our meals came. We dug into our food and shared abit of small talk whilst we ate.

Part Eight.
"Its been a fun night" Natasha smiled as we stood outside the restaurant in the cold.
"We should do it again some time, Get Liam and Danielle to come along" Louis suggested and we nodded agreeing with his thought.
"We'll see you later" Niall smiled hugging each of us before waving goodbye as we went our seperate ways.
"Its so cold" I shivered. Louis wrapped his arm around my waist and and rubbed my arm with his hands to warm me up. I smiled and leant my head on his shoulder as we walked back to his place.
"Would you like to stay tonight?" He asked and I shrugged and looked up at him as we crossed over the road.
"Well i'd like you too" He smiled fiddling with my hair.
"Okay then" I giggled kissing his cheek. We eventually arrived back at his place and made our way inside the warmth hitting us and destroying our goosebumps.
"Its so nice to be warm" I laughed taking off my heels.
"Quite pleasurable actually" Louis laughed slightly taking off his Toms.
"I heard the word pleasurable" Harry smirked making his way into the kitchen.
"Thats what your after" I rolled my eyes and he smiled and kissed my temple.
"Nice date babe?" He asked and I sat down at the breakfast bar and nodded.
"Yeah it was lovely" I smiled at him.
"Whats this about you liking Lucy ey?" Louis questioned.
"You told him" Harry moaned.
"Im sorry babe, It was just he, He was like" I began trying to find out how to word it.
"I thought you two still liked eachother" Louis shrugged and Harry let out an uneasy laugh.
"What makes you say that?" Harry asked.
"I dont know your just really close, But Gem reassured me that you're just friends" He smiled kissing my lips gently making me grin.
"Oh right okay" Harry laughed slightly.
"You want to come watch a film with us?" Louis asked Harry after looking away from me.
"Oh no its fine, Dont wanna jump in on your night" Harry smiled going to walk away.
"We want you to watch a film with us" I smiled taking his hand and hugging him.
"You okay?" I mouthed and he nodded then kissed my forehead softly.
"Zayns coming over in a bit, that alright?" Harry asked us both and we nodded.
"Babe its your house" I giggled making my way upstairs as they followed me into Louis's room.
"Erm privacy please?" I laughed trying to push them out of the room.
"Its my room" Louis chuckled laying down on the bed.
"I've seen you naked before" Harry laughed shrugging his shoulders as I shot Louis a sympathetic look. I grabbed one of Louis's oversized tops then made my way into the bathroom, I changed out of my dress and pulled the top over my head then went back into the bedroom.
"I've never realised how pale my legs where" I complained dropping my dress on the floor.
"There not pale?" Louis laughed. Harry was sat in the corner of the room picking out a film for us to watch.
"He's right there not" A voice laughed from the door way as Zayn came over and hugged me.
"Aaah this is the one" Harry yelled holding a DVD high up in the air. I walked over and took it off him as he looked up at me.
"I can see up your top" He whispered loudly so the others could hear.
"Oh lucky you" I laughed pushing his head forehead and leaning against his back.
"Your bums on my head" He squirmed.
"You seriously want to watch the Lion King?" I asked looking up at the boys.
"That film is sick" Zayn gasped charging over and taking the DVD case off me.
"I guess we're watching that then, Come on babe" I smiled grabbing the douvet and taking Louis's hand as we went downstairs. He laid down on the sofa and I dropped the douvet on him then went into the kitchen collecting a variety of snacks and a few ciders cans. After placing them down on the coffee table the lights where turned off as the film started. I climbed under the duvet with Louis and pressed my lips against his, Our tongues battled slowly before I pulled away.
"Thank you for tonight" I whispered starring down at his lips.
"Anytime gorgeous" He whispered back smiling.
"Guys stop smooching and having sex and watch the god damn film" Harry yelled chucking and empty bottle in our direction.
"Some ones emotional over the lion king" I muttered cuddling into Louis's chest as we kept quiet and watched the film.

Part Nine.
"No Zayn dont, Louis will kill you" I heard a voice mumble, I rubbed my eyes before opening them revealing Harry and Zayn's face's hovering over me.
"Guys" I laughed breathlessly sitting up. I guess we fell asleep after the film considering we where still downstairs.
"Erm yes?" Zayn smiled looking down at me.
"Why do you have a razor?" I asked pointing towards the bladed object in Zayn's hand.
"Zayn was going to shave off Louis's eyebrow" Harry chuckled and I shook my head at them smiling.
"I do love you boys, But dont hurt my Lou" I giggled leaning down and pressing my lips against Louis's.
"Wake up babe" I whispered as he let out a moan and shuffled around underneath me before opening his eyes and smiling at me.
"Morning beautiful...And urm morning to you two?" He laughed awkwardly glancing to Harry and Zayn.
"Morning Lou Lou" Zayn chirped.
"Morning" Louis laughed as I climbed of him and stretched. I pulled my top down so it was covering my bum then made my way into the kitchen to make some tea. I made a cup of tea for my self then made my way upstairs. I changed into my leggings and one of Louis's tops. I put on my make up and tied my hair up in a scruffy bun. I heard laughing downstairs as I made my way down.
"What is so funny?" I asked making my way into the front room. Marvin and Aston where stood there with Harry in a headlock and messing up his hair.
"Babe help me" Harry sulked.
"Im not getting involved" I laughed going over to Louis and kissing his lips.
"You two together?" Aston asked.
"Not yet" Louis winked and I smiled up at him.
"Behave kids" Marvin joked and I pushed him laughing.
"FIFA" Aston yelled letting Harry go as him and Zayn set up the xbox. Louis took my hand and we krept out of the room and upstairs leaving the boys to enjoy there game.
"Last night was great dont you think" Louis smiled falling down onto the bed pulling me with him.
"It was perfect" I smiled kissing him softly.
"Are you sure you dont feel anything for Harry" He asked and I rolled my eyes.
"If I felt something for Harry I wouldn't be here with you like i've said" I sighed and he smiled. His fingers walked themselves along the rim of my knickers as my lips met his. His tongue traced along them before collapsing against mine kissing me passionately. He lifted my top up just under my bra as the door crashed open.
"FOUND THEM...NO WAAAY" A voice yelled, I pulled away from Louis as Harry bounded over to us as the boys came in.
"YOU TWO WHERE GOING TO HAVE SEX" He yelled and I sat up and rolled my eyes. Louis propped himself up on his elbows and glanced at me before looking to Harry.
"Well we where before you interrupted again" Louis snapped at him then giving the other boys a look.
"We where?" I questioned tilting my head to the side.
"Well...I...erm" Louis panicked.
"Dont worry bro, It was atleast a month after we got together before we had sex, I think" Harry laughed looking at me and I nodded.
"Yeah something like that" I giggled climbing off of Louis and going downstairs. Louis followed as did the others. He made his way over to the door slipping his toms on and grabbing a jacket.
"Babe where you going?" I asked taking his hand as he turned to face me.
"For some air" He mumbled pulling his hands away and slamming the front door.
"Have I done something?" I asked the boys worried as to what I had to done to upset Louis.
"No babe come here" Zayn smiled opening his arms as I hugged him.
"I think its me actually always bringing up about when we where together" Harry muttered and we all went and sat down in the front room.
"How long where you two together for?" Marvin asked and I looked at Harry.
"About a year" I smiled looking down and fiddling with my fingers.
"Why'd you break up?" Aston asked and I sighed.
"The whole x factor thing and rumours" Harry shrugged.
"Do you still like eachother?" Marvin questioned as I looked over to him.
"Its weird, Louis thinks I still like you, He's always asking me if im sure I have no feelings for you" I mumbled looking up at Harry.
"Well i'd be lieing if I said I didnt still feel something for you, You where the first girl I ever loved" Harry laughed slightly as the boys aw'ed and called him a pussy. I got up and sat on his lap and cuddled into his chest.
"I miss spending time with you" I whispered closing my eyes.
"Same babe, We'll have to do something one day" He whispered in my ear.
"I do love you Hazza" I giggled.
"I knew it" A voice yelled from the doorway as Louis stood there horrified.
"Lou" I cried running over to him.
"You said you had no feelings for him, You lied to me" He replied shaking his head frantically.
"I didnt mean it like that" I sighed stroking his cheek.
"Whatever" He replied storming back out of the house as I began to cry.

Part Ten.
"Shall I go after him?" I panicked rushing round for my shoes.
"No babe, I'll go" Harry smiled slightyl grabbing his coat and putting on his shoes he left the house and I slumped down on the floor.
"Hey come on babe" Aston smiled taking my hand and pulling me up.
"I ruin everything" I sighed wiping my cheeks.
"No you dont" Zayn sighed putting an arm around my shoulder.
"I did I ruined things with Harry and..."I stopped after realising what I said.
"You didnt ruin anything with Harry, you agreed to break up" Zayn smiled as Marvin comforted me.
"We didnt, We havent told anyone what actually happened" I mumbled looking down and fiddling with my fingers.
"What actually happened then?" Zayn asked annoyed that we'd kept something from him.
"When you all went out one night Harry came over to mine drunk and he caught me on my knees...."
"No way" Zayn interupted and I sighed and nodded.
"Oh my god" He replied hugging me.
"But we sorted things out, Turned out he was just as bad as me" I shrugged..
"Aww babe" He replied as shouting occured from in the kitchen.
"HAVING CURLY HAIR HAS NOTHING TO DO WITH GETTING GIRLS" Another voice yelled who i knew was Harry. I let out a giggle at how they argue over stupid things before getting up and going into the kitchen. Louis began shouting towards Harry again, i simply leant up and pressed my lips against his before pulling away.
"Can we stop shouting?" I asked and he leant down and kissed me passionatly as I smiled into the kiss.
"Erm guys" Harry chuckled as we broke apart. Louis wrapped his arms around me and cradled me.
"Can we go get some nando's?" Harry pleaded with puppy dog eyes.
"Aslong as we all stop arguing" I smiled looking from Harry to Louis and they nodded cheeky grins playing there lips.
"Promise" They both smiled holding out there pinkies.
"Mind if we come?" Aston asked looking at each of us.
"Why not" Harry shrugged as we all got on our shoes. The boys trailed off infront and I took hold of Louis's hand as we dawdled behind.
"Listen babe, I love Harry as a best friend, We're really close, But I like you, I want to be with you okay? No matter whats happened with Harry in the past its about you okay?" I sternly spoke and he nodded his head.
"Im sorry babe" He shrugged pulling me into him and kissing my forehead.
"Its okay dont worry about it, Now lets go eat" I smiled as we ran to catch up with the boys.
"Hey hey look whose here" Zayn called as we wondered over to Niall, Liam, Danielle and Natasha.
"Oh my god did you watch Criminal Minds earlier?" Natasha called running over to me.
"Oh my god yes eeeeek" I squealed at her.
"Get over it and sit down" Louis demanded.
"Yes mum" I rolled my eyes sitting next to him as he wrapped his arm around my shoulder.
"I was thinking about cutting my hair" Harry began.
"NO JIMMY PROTESTED" Louis yelled at him.
"Right im going to order" I smiled getting up.
"I'll come and help" Aston smiled.
"No bruv i'll go its fine" Harry smiled pushing Aston down then following me over to the counter.
"So erm" He spoke as we queed behind a few people.
"What?" I laughed slightly.
"I need to tell you something" He muttered looking around him.
"Babe whats up?" I asked worried taking hold of his hand.
"I er..." He muttered looking down then over to the table where everyone was sat joking.
"Babe" I panicked tugging his arm.
"I love you" He blurted out.
"You...You what?" I whispered.
"I love you, I havent stopped loving you" He sighed looking deep into my hazel eyes.
"Babe I..." I shook my head.
"Im sorry" He whispered going to order then sitting back down as I followed him over still stunned.

Part Eleven.
"Babe you look like you've seen a ghost" Marvin joked about my facial expression.
"Just suddenly er not feeling well" I mumbled as Louis wrapped his arms around me.
"You okay babe?" He whispered in my ear.
"Im fine" I shrugged as our orders came over. Things became slightly awkward, We all ate in silence every now and then each person would glance to one other before continuing with there meals.
"Okay im not liking this, Babe whats wrong?" Louis sighed putting down his knife and fork.
"Louis im fine seriously" I smiled slightly and he shook his head.
"Dont lie to me" He muttered.
"Im not, Im fine!" I snapped at him. Thats the first time i've ever snapped at any of the boys. He looked at me hurt in his eyes as he moved his arm away from my shoulders. I grabbed my phone and stood up pulling down my top.
"Babe where you going?" Natasha asked.
"For some air" I replied leaving the restaurant. I began walking down the street weaving through the people as I made my way home.
"Babe" A voice yelled from behind, I turned around as Harry pushed through the people until he reached me. I turned back around and continued to walk when two hands grabbed onto my waist and pulled me down an alley way. I was pushed up against the wall as Harry stood in front of me.
"What, What do you want?" I asked looking away from him.
"Im sorry, I really am, Please dont take it out on Louis" He sighed placing a hand on my cheek.
"Im confused so much, Louis says he likes me, You say you love me? I dont know what to do without hurting anyone or myself" I sighed looking to each of his eyes.
"Listen to your heart" He whispered resting his forehead against mine.
"Last time I did that everything fucked up" I replied pushing him away and walking off.
"Babe" He called and I turned around letting out a deep sigh.
"What, What more could you need to say?" I asked him.
"Do you love me?" He asked walking towards me.
"Thats not important" I snapped stepping back.
"Do you love me?" He asked again.
"Yes Harry, Yes okay, I love you, Im in love with you" I yelled at him a tear rolling down my cheek.
"You love me" He grinned grabbing my hips and walking me back down the alley.
"Yes I love you" I replied as he grinned at me resting his forehead on mine.
"You loveeeee me" He smirked and I giggled and smiled.
"I wish we never broke up you know" He whispered placing a hand on my cheek and running his index finger along my plump lips.
"I miss the sex, But I miss you more" He winked and I shook my head chuckling.
"Are you going to kiss me or what?" I asked wrapping my arms around his neck and his smile widened. He leant down and pressed his lips against mine kissing me a few times before his tongue traced my lips. I tangled my hands into his curly hair and opened my mouth as his tongue collided with mine. His hands wondered down to my bum squeezing it gently as he kissed me. Eventually I pulled away and looked into his eyes as they sparkled with delight. He took my hand and placed it on his chest, His heart was racing and I giggled and pecked his lips.
"You make my heart go crazy, Beautiful" He winked taking my hand and interlocking our fingers.
"Look I need to go, We cant speak of this though, Im meant to be getting with Louis" I smiled slightly and he let out a deep sigh.
"Okay babe" He nodded reluctantly walking away from me and beginning to walk down the street. I ran up behind him and wrapped my arms around his waist.
"That doesnt mean you cant come round" I whispered in his ear and traced the top of his boxers with my index finger.
"Oh babe" He moaned taking my hand and starting to run. We crossed over the road and he dragged me down my street, We ran up the path to my house and I unlocked the door as Harry pushed me inside and slammed the door shut behind him. He pulled me into him and kissed me passionately, We both kicked off our shoes and I giggled as he took me upstairs to my room and pulled me down onto the bed. We began to undress each other chucking our clothes onto the floor, We crawled under the duvet as Harry's lips began to attack my neck and stomach. A few minutes later a deep moan escaped my mouth.
"Har...Oh Harry" I moaned tilting my head to the side as he held onto my hips and I gripped onto the bed sheets.

Part Twelve.
"That was crazy" I gasped rolling onto my back and raising my arms above my head.
"That was great" He chirped sitting up and stretching his arms then wiping the sweat off his face. He turned his hed to face me as his eyes wondered my naked body.
"Dont look" I blushed pulling the douvet over me making him chuckle.
"The amount of times i've seen you naked, I could probably do a naked portrait of you to perfection" He winked leaning down and kissing me.
"Yeah well please don't" I giggled wrapping my arms around his neck and kissing him gently.
"I love you" He whispered against my lips stroking my thigh.
"I love you two babe" I smiled twisting his hair around my finger.
"Right lets go get in the shower and have a fiesty second round" He grinned jumping off the bed.
"Im only little give me time to rest frist jheez" I muttered sitting up and pulling on my underwer before walking over to the mirror and wiping off my make up and tieing up my hair.
"Babe" He moaned grabbing my hips and walking me too the bathroom.
"No we'll shower later" I giggled slipping into my baby blue onezy and making my way downstairs. Harry ran after me in his boxers and picked me up sitting me on the counter in the kitchen and kissing me passionately.
"You really should go, Natasha will be back soon" I sighed playing with his hair again.
"I dont care, I love you and I wanna spend time with you" He smiled as I jumped off the counter and hugged him.
"Okay well at least get dressed?" I asked him.
"Do you not like my bodaaaay?" He sulked and I laughed.
"I love your body...Every inch" I whispered placing my hand down his boxers.
"Okaay not now, Im going to get dressed" He yelled pulling my hand out and running upstairs leaving me laughing to my self. I made us both a cup of tea then went into the front room as Harry came and joined me.
"What are we gonna do about us?" He asked wrapping an arm around me.
"Nothing at the minute babe, Until i've made my mind up about everything, Okay?" I asked him and he nodded and kissed me softly.
"Right, Im going to go, Wanna come back to mine, Louis's pretty upset" He shrugged.
"He'll be even more upset if he finds out about this" I muttered getting up.
"I know, We'll keep it quiet, I promise" He nodded kissing me reassuringly.
"Im not getting changed" I laughed slipping on my brown uggs as we made our way to Harry's and Louis's.
"Louis" Harry yelled.
"Upstairs" He replied. I slipped off my uggs and made my way upstairs into Louis's room. He looked up at me then went back to his porn mag. I crawled onto the bed and took the magazine off him and chucked it onto the floor then sat myself down on his lap.
"Im sorry babe, I really am" I whispered wrapping my arms around his neck.
"Its fine" He shrugged.
"Its not, Whats bugging you?" I asked him and he sighed and pulled my head towards him as he kissed my lips, He stiffly pulled away looking at me strangely and I gulped.
"What?" I questioned leaning away from him.
"Why do you smell of Harry's aftershave" He laughed slightly and I giggled.
"We went to boots and he was showing me the aftershave he has so I could get him some for his birthday and he sprayed it on me" I shrugged and he smiled. Oh thank god, i thought.
"Why you looking at a porn mag?" I raised my eye brows at him.
"Im a lad..." He spoke.
"You dont need that though" I whispered resting my forehead against his.
"You're right, I've got your body" He winked unzipping my onezy and gazing at my chest.
"I wasnt going to say that but sure whatever" I laughed falling back onto the bed as he kissed up my stomach and pecked my lips.
"We okay?" He asked and I smiled and nodded. I zipped my onezy back up as he changed into his and we made our way downstairs where everyone was sat joking. Harry winked at me as I sat across the room from him and I tried to hide my huge grin.
"Babe want to do something tomorrow?" Natasha asked me as she cuddled into Niall.
"Why is Niall busy?" I asked her as everyone laughed.
"Whats that meant to mean?" She giggled glancing to Niall then me.
"You only do things with us or me when Nialls got plans" I laughed resting my head on Louis's shoulder.
"I do not" She laughed shaking her head.
"Babe you do" I giggled as the boys nodded in agreement.
"Well it doesnt matter we're always together any way" She giggled and we shrugged and nodded.
"But yeah what do you have planned for tomorrow?" I smiled at her.
"We could just have a girly day" She smiled and I nodded.
"Can we go clubbing?" I asked as the boys laughed.
"What?" I giggled.
"You always want to go clubbing, Its very rare that you're sober" Zayn laughed and I chucked a pillow at him.
"Yeah sure babe" Natasha smiled and I grinned and punched the air.
"What you boys doing tomorrow?" I asked them all.
"Rehearsing for tour" Harry grinned getting up and doing a little jig.
"Screw the light bulb Louis" Niall laughed as Louis jumped up and they began to do there stupid dances leaving us in fits of giggles.

Part Thirteen.
I woke up in the middle of the night cuddled up to Louis in his bed. I rubbed my eyes and yawned, I glanced at Louis fast asleep, I smiled to myself before climbing out fo bed and creeping out of the room. I made my way across the landing and into Harrys bedroom. I went over to his bed and pulled back the douvet and climbed under it and cuddled into his bare chest. He moaned then wrapped his arms around me and kissed my forehead.
"You okay baby?" He whispered stroking my back.
"Mmm yeah, Im cold though" I whispered back snuggling into his chest as he pulled the duvet over me and cuddled me into him.
"Go to sleep beautiful" He whispered as I closed me eyes and kissed his chest.
"I love you" I whispered falling back to sleep.
I was woken up by some one gently shaking me, I let out a groan then rubbed my eyes. I looked up into Harry's eyes starring down at me.
"I've missed waking up to you" I giggled kissing him gently as he kissed me back.
"Mmmm me too, But you better scoot before Lou wakes up" He smiled slightly stroking my cheek and I nodded and climbed out of bed.
"Harry...I love you" I smiled at him whilst I opened the door.
"I love you more beautiful" He smiled laying back down as I shut his door and went back into Louis's room just as he woke up.
"Where'd you go?" He muttered rubbing his eyes.
"Toilet babe" I giggled climbing back into bed and cuddling into his chest.
"We have to go rehearsals soon babe" He sighed kissing me gently.
"I know" I mumbled gripping him a bit tighter.
"So lets go get breakfast then maybe have a nice shower together if you fancy that?" He whispered with a wink.
"Hmm sounds nice" I smiled at him as he grinned and climbed out of bed and slipped on a pair of joggers as I pulled on my onezy and we made our way downstairs to be greeted by Niall handing us two bacon sandwiches. We sat down at ate in silence as Zayn and Harry came trotting down the stairs.
"Morning everyone" Zayn smiled taking a bacon sandwich off Niall.
"Morning" Harry smiled taking another bacon sandwich.
"Morning babe" He smiled at me trailing his index finger along my back where no one would see.
"Morning" I grinned at him as I finished eating.
"Right guys, We'll be disappearing" Louis winked taking my hand as we stood up.
"What you got planned pal?" Niall laughed as Natasha came bounding down the stairs.
"Nice warm shower" Louis smirked as he shrugged his shoulders. I looked at Harry who smiled at me slightly. All the boys looked at Harry he sat there picking the crusts off his sandwich.
"What?" He asked glancing round at everyone.
"You havent made your usually joke" Liam laughed patting his back.
"Oh right yeah, Pusssaay" Harry muttered getting up and running upstairs to his room.
"Shall I go see him?" I asked Louis.
"Nah he's on his man period" He joked as we went upstairs into his en suite. He turned on the shower and I undressed and climbed in and began to wash my body, Not long after Louis came in his arms snaking there way around my waist.
"Your perfect" He whispered kissing my shoulder, I let out a chuckle before he let me go as we each got washed. Afterwards I climbed out and got dried and changed into my onezy then made my way downstairs leaving Louis to get ready for rehearsals.
"Is Louis done yet?" Harry muttered.
"Erm nearly" I replied sitting next to him and cuddling into his chest.
"I love you, Im really sorry" I whispered in his ear.
"Its okay really, Just bugs me a bit" He whispered back in my ear.
"Right lets go boys, Babe let yourself out" Louis smiled handing me his spare key.
"OKay babe" I smiled as he pecked my lips and the boys all headed out to the car a waiting them.
"We'll speak later" I said to Harry as he nodded and left.
"Just us" I laughed looking at Natasha as the room was silent.
"We'll steal some of there food then make our way back" She laughed going upstairs to get dressed.

Part Fourteen.
"Im ready shall we go?" Natasha smiled as I jumped up off the sofa.
"Yeah" I replied getting my phone and the spare key as we left the boys place locking the door behind us, I placed the key under the matt before we made our way into town.
"You and Louis going to get together then?" She asked me whilst we crossed the road and dodged around people.
"I dont know" I shrugged making my way into Tesco as Natasha jogged to keep up.
"Why not?" She asked grabbing a basket.
"Just dont know if its right" I replied chucking some sweets into the basket.
"Why isnt it right? You two where all loved up before whats happened?" She asked and I shook my head.
"Nothing everythings fine" I smiled at her.
"You would tell me if something happened right?" She questioned with a serious expression.
"Of course I would you're my best friend" I replied hugging her.
"Good" She grinned as we continued to shop. I felt awful for not telling her but I cant, I just cant it'll cause so much shit.
"Think we have everything" She smiled as I peered into the basket.
"I think we do" I smiled as we went to pay. We collected the bags then made our way towards home, Natasha's phone began to rang so I took the bag off her as she answered her phone. We made our way inside and I emptied the bags then went upstairs for a shower. My room smelt of Harry's aftershave and his grey addidas jacket was left on the floor. I let out a sigh before going into my en suite and undressing as I climbed into the hot shower, the water pouring over my body was so relaxing. I began to get washed when Natasha began knocking on the bathroom door.
"Whats up babe?" I called to her turning the water down slightly as I continued to rinse the conditioner out of my hair.
"Lucy just rang, Is she alright to come round?" She called through to me.
"Yeah of course she is" I spoke turning off the shower and climbing out as I wrapped my hair in a towel and dried off my body.
"Alright, Well i'll go get some food sorted out whilst you get ready" She said her voice getting fainter as she left my room. I wrapped the towel around my body then went into my bedroom. I slipped on my underwear, some red checked pyjama bottoms, A baggy purple top and Harry's jacket over the top. I pulled the material up to my nose inhaling his amazing smell, I smiled to my self letting go as I tied up my hair into a scruffy bun then grabbing my phone and making my way downstairs just as Lucy arrived.
"Hello babe" I smiled giving her a hug then helping Natasha take stuff into the front room.
"Wow, Whose jackets that the aftershave is lush" She gasped eyeing up the jacket to work out whose it was. Natasha's head shot around and she narrowed her eyes at me.
"What?" I laughed slightly looking at her.
"Thats Harry's jacket" She frowned.
"Yeah and?" I laughed sitting down and helping my self to the chocolate buttons.
"Why do you have it..?" She asked me and I shrugged.
"He came over the other day and left it here, Loads of his clothes are here" I simply replied picking up a drink that Natasha had made for me. Lucy's eyes widened at what I had just said and I shook my head frantically.
"Not like that Luce, He comes round alot, We're best friends, You two should know that" I muttered waiting for them to sit down so we could watch the film.
"I know, I just thought that..." She began.
"You thought wrong" I replied starting the film.
"Sorry babe" She sighed sitting down next to me and resting her head on my shoulder as I rest mine on hers. Natasha went into the kitchen and returned a few minutes later with her phone.
"Sorry" She mumbled sitting next to me.
"Its okay, You girls would know straight away if something was going on with em and Harry" I smiled at them both, They smiled back and I pressed play on the remote as we cuddled up under the duvet, eating and laughing away at the film. My phone vibrated in my pocket and I took it out, I had a new message from Harry. I glanced up at the girls before turning the screen away from Lucy as I opened the message. [Why hello beautiful! Do you want to do something tomorrow, Just us too? By the way, Is my jacket there? I love you<3.] A huge grin spread across my cheeks as Natasha's head turned to face me.
"What you all smiley about?" She giggled.
"Just Louis text me" I shrugged replying to Harry's text. [Hey you! I'd love to do something, What you got planned babe? And yeah you left your jacket here, Im wearing it now:P I love you two babe<3.] I quickly locked my phone and placed it next to me as Natasha paused the film.
"Spill the beans bro" She chuckled along with Lucy.
"Louis just sent me one of those cute texts thats all" I smiled grabbing the remote and playing the film. Natasha frowned at me before looking at the tv. She wasn't stupid she'd catch on to something soon enough, I just hope it would be after I sort my head out.

Part Fifteen.
"Think im going to call it a night girls" I yawned stretching my arms and sitting up.
"You want to crash here tonight babe?" Natasha asked Lucy who smiled and nodded her head. We set the spare room up for Lucy then headed into our own bedrooms after sharing a hug and saying goodnight. I shut my bedroom door and took off Harry's jacket placing it on the back of the chair, I made my way into the bathroom as I clean my teeth and washed my face. Afterwards I went back to my bedroom, I untied my hair then climbed under my duvet and turned off the light. I began texting Harry who was currently chilled out in his bedroom. I received a few texts from Louis, but they where just simple boring texts, Harry's where dirty, flirty and cheeky. We arranged to go to the ice cream farm Harry took me too ages ago when we first got together, I thought it was for a laugh, But he was serious about this place, It became our special place, Some where we went just to chill out and get away from everything. After texting him and Louis goodnight I feel into a peaceful dreamy sleep.
I was woken by my alarm going off letting me know it was half 10, I was meeting Harry for 12. I forced myself out of bed and made my way downstairs. I fixed myself up some toast and a glass of orange juice then made my way back upstairs munching on my food. I began to straighten my hair, I finished off my food then hair sprayed my hair into position. I changed into a pair of leggings and a green checked shirt, tight fitted and buttoned up to the top. I applied a thin layer of foundation then my eye make up before spraying myself with my Daisy Marc Jacobs perfume. I made my way to Natasha's room knocking gently on the door before entering.
"Babe" I called as she rubbed her eyes and sat up.
"Yeah?" She mumbled.
"Im going out now" I smiled to her.
"Who with? where?" She questioned.
"With Harry, To his favourite place" I giggled rolling my eyes.
"Okay babe, Have fun!" She smiled laying back down and crawling under her douvet. I closed the bedroom door then went downstairs and slipped on my white converse when there was a light knock on the door. I wobbled over to it trying to get my last shoe on. I unlocked the door as Harry stood there with a pair of baggy black low crotch cuffed jeans, red converse trainers, a white top with a blue blazer jacket.
"Oh hey babe" I giggled letting him in as he shut the door.
"I was ready quite early so I thought i'd come by and meet you" He winked grabbing my hips and pulling me into him as he pressed his lips against mine.
"Mm not now, tash and lucy are upstairs" I whispered pecking his lips. I checked my appearance then pushed my phone down my bra as we left closing the door behind us.
"Can I just say, you look beautiful and you smell amazing" He growled in my ear kissing down my jawline.
"I knew you'd be like this after your texts last night" I giggled taking his hand.
"Eeey alright alright" He joked nudging me.
"Thanks by the way, You look hot" I winked as we climbed into the car Harry arrived in. We sat in the back cuddled up as we where driven to our destination. On the way there my phone began to ring. I took hold of it and had an incoming call from Louis. I looked at Harry with an uneasy expression.
"Just tell him babe, He knows we're friends" He smiled kissing me softly.
"Mmm friends with benefits more like" I joked answering the phone.
M: Hey babe!
L: Hey beautiful
M: You alright?
L: Yeah im good, Erm do you want to do something later maybe?
M: Erm can do babe, Im out with Harry now, I'll be back about 5, We can go get something to eat?
L: Oh er yeah sure
M: Babe you alright?
L: Yeah of course
M: Okay babe
L: I'll text you then yeah?
M: Sure thing babe
L: Okay beautiful, See you later
The phone went dead and I cuddled back into Harry letting out a sigh.
"You alright?" He asked stroking my hair.
"I dont know" I mumbled closing my eyes as he kissed the top of my head.
"I really dont know" I whispered as a tear rolled down my cheek.

Part Sixteen.
After arriving at our destination we both climbed out of the car, Harry tipped the driver then took my hand as we began to wonder round.
"I remember when we first came here and I was laughing so much not taking you seriously" I giggled wrapping my arm around his waist as he wrapped his around my shoulders.
"And I fell over, Then you where crying with laughter, then complaining about your make up running and I told you, you looked beautiful" He whispered standing infront of me with his hands on my hips. I smiled and leant up and kissed him gently before we made our way around the farm.
"Mummy mummy, Its the curly boy from won direction, Can I get a picture" A little girl with a missing tooth, green wellies and blonde plaited her smiled tugging on her mum's arm and pointing over to Harry.
"No honey he's with his friend lets leave him alone" His mum smiled over at us.
"Hey its fine honestly" Harry smiled at her letting go of me and picking the little girl up as they posed for a picture.
"Thank you" She giggled being placed down then walking away with her mum.
"You'll be a great dad you know" I winked taking his hand as we went inside.
"Of your kids yes" He joked as we each got a milkshake and sat down at a table.
"Harry, I really dont know what to do" I sighed pulling my chair in and playing with the straw stuck in my drink.
"About what beautiful?" He asked taking one of my hands and interlocking our fingers.
"You and Louis, I dont know whats the right thing to do" I mumbled looking up at him as his gaze was fixed on our hands.
"Like I said babe, Listen to your heart" He whispered leaning over and kissing me gently.
"Its so hard! You dont understand" I sighed shaking my head and sipping at my drink.
"Babe I do understand, Do you know how hard it was for me to agree that we should break up" He snapped as my head shot up to look at him.
"I didnt think you where that bothered" I whispered looking away from him.
"Bothered? Babe I was devastated! Hense why I didnt reply to any of your texts, answer your calls or even go and see you that whole week" He replied finishing his milkshake and putting the plastic cup into the bin as thoughts went wild in my head.
"Im so sorry" I cried as tears rolled down my cheeks.
"No babe dont cry, Its fine its happened, theres nothing we can do know" He whispered gesturing for me to sit on his knee.
"If we stayed together do you think we'd still be together now?" I asked him thinking about what the future would have been like.
"I think so babe, We where strong, young and in love, we never argued" He smiled wiping away my tears.
"I love this place you know" I smiled taking his hand as we went and ordered a huge ice cream sundae. After eating and paying we made our way outside and had a walk around. I decided that today's the day to sort my mind out. I mean, Me and Louis have something, But I love Harry but then again second chances are just a repeat of history right? After half an hour we climbed back into the car and made our way back home. Once we arrived back at Harry's and Louis's place there where a few fans outside, So i quickly ran indoors leaving Harry too get mobbed.
"Louis" I called as he came downstairs with a girl following behind.
"Oh hey babe?" He laughed awkwardly as the girl wrapped her arms around his waist.
"Hi" I mumbled kicking my shoes off and waiting for Harry to come in. I felt so used? Like I was just there until he found a girlfriend! He didnt like me, what was I thinking!?
"Oh my god, Thanks for leaving me babe" Harry laughed shutting the door and kicking his shoes off.
"Whose this?" He asked glancing at the girl attatched to Louis's waist.
"" Louis stuttered not taking his eyes off me.
"We're dating" The girl sreeched.
"Your what?" I asked in disbelief as Louis shook his head frantically.
"We're dating babe, Like your dating that lad right?" She asked and I shrugged and looked at Harry.
"We're not dating..." Harry began.
"He's right we're just...sleeping buddies, If you like to call it that, Like friends with benefits" I chuckled as she let out a giggle.
"Seems fair I guess" She shrugged holding out her hand for me to shake.
"Im jessica" She smiled as I shook her hand.
"Gemma" I smiled back glarring over at Louis.
"Babe can I have a word" He asked pulling me upstairs and into his room.
"What?" I snapped pushing him away from me.
"Please tell me your joking" He asked shaking his head.
"About what?" I asked him.
"Sleeping with Harry?!" He yelled narrowing his eyes towards me.
"Yes I slept with him" I yelled back throwing my arms up in the air.
"I cant belive you" He whispered tears in his eyes.
"You're the one with the new 'girlfriend'"I snapped rolling my eyes.
"She's not my girlfriend, I was just going to take her out, Your going out with Harry" He snapped in a muffled tone.
"He's my BEST FRIEND get that into your head" I screamed at him.
"Do you love him?" He asked and I sighed.
"Do you love him?!" He yelled.
"YES LOUIS I DO LOVE HIM, BUT I JUST HAPPEN TO REALLY LIKE YOU, I WAS MAYBE THINKING WE COULD GIVE IT AGO BUT YOU KNOW WHAT FORGET IT" I screamed in his face tears rolling down my cheeks. I opened the bedroom door and ran down the stairs, Pushing my feet into my shoes my hips where grabbed my two hands.
"Ssssssh" Harry whispered in my ear cradling me.
"Why me Harry, why me?" I cried into his chest.
"Babe" Louis sighed and I pulled away from Harry and made my way too the front door.
"Text me?" I asked Harry who glanced over at Louis before looking back at me.
"Im not leaving you in this state" He sighed.
"Its fine, Tash's in" I shrugged.
"Babe im sorry please" Louis pleaded grabbing my hand.
"No Louis forget it" I snapped pushing him away from me and running home.

Part Seventeen
When I arrived home I just ran straight to my bedroom and locked myself in my room and sobbed into my pillow.
"Babe" Natasha called knocking on my door.
"What?" I cried.
"Whats happened? Let me in?" She asked knocking on the door for a second time. I climbed off the bed and unlocked the door before going and sitting back down. Natasha came over at sat beside me wrapping her arms around me and hugging me tight.
"Tell me everything" She whispered and I sighed and wiped my cheeks.
"I dont know where to start" I shrugged fiddling with my phone.
"The beginning" She smiled as I climbed under the duvet and looked at her.
"Okay..Err...Well...I still love Harry, I didnt think I did, I thought I was over him, but im not, I like Louis, I wanted to give things ago with him but then things happened with Harry, I slept with him the other day, It felt so right, It was amazing to have that feeling back, I love him everything about him! But ive always believed that second chances are a repeat of history i dont want to go through that break up again, He told me he was distraught that he had to agree to it, Anyway after today we went back to his and I was meant to go out with Louis tonight but he was with this girl, She was nice but not his type, She was his date, We argued I told him i love Harry but i wanted to try things with him but i told him to forget it and went to leave harry started comforting me but and louis apologised but i dont know tash, harry says to listen to my heart but i know some ones going to get hurt" I sighed whispering the last part as she gave me a sympathetic look.
"Well babe, You and harry are like this" She smiled crossing her fingers over.
"I know" I giggled just thinking about him.
"In my opinion Harrys perfect for you, You should get back together, But like Harry said listen to your heart" She smiled brushing my hair away from my face.
"He's perfect isnt he, We never argue, We never disagree on anything, He's romantic, He makes me laugh, Im always happy with him" I smiled at her.
"There you go babe" She winked getting up and going to leave the room.
"Tash..." I spoke as she turned around and smiled.
"Thank you" I grinned.
"No need babe, Its what friends are for" She smiled closing my bedroom door as I snuggled under my duvet. My phone began to vibrate [One New Message: Harry<3!] I smiled and opened it up. [Babe, Are you okay? Please let me know your alright? Louis's a jerk, I've made him feel really bad for doing this to you, How can any one do that to such a beautiful girl?! I'll come round tomorrow, I love you with all my heart babe! Hazza outt<3!xxxxxxxxxxxx] A grin plastered across my face. I knew what I had to do, I dont know how I didnt see this sooner? [Im fine babe, I know what to do, I listened to my heart like you said! I need to speak to you tomorrow babe, Come round say half 10? Let yourself in! I love you too babe!xxxxxxxxxx] I sent the message and closed my eyes, My mind was made up finally! I eventually fell asleep with a smile on my face.
I woke up in the morning at 10:15, Harry would be here soon! I got up and opened my curtains as the light brightened up my room, I went into my en suite and cleaned my teeth and washed my face before climbing back into bed and closing my eyes. I few minutes later, I heard my door shut and shuffling around my room. The next thing I knew my duvet was lifted up as a pressence climbed in next to me, wrapping there arms securley around my waist and pulling me into there cold body.
"Good morning" They moaned in my ear making me smiled as I opened my eyes and rolled over.
"This is a nice surprise" I whispered looking to each of his eyes.
"Not really a surprise you asked me round last night, oh and guess whose on time as always" He winked raising his hand up my top.
"No I mean climbing into bed with me, Not that im complaining" I giggled tanling my fingers in his hair.
"You love getting me in bed" He joked making me laugh. I pressed my lips against his, He kissed me back straight away, Our tongues collided as we continued to kiss. After a good few minutes I gently pulled away smiling at him. He pulled me into his chest and stroked my back.
"What did you want to speak to me about?" He asked as I looked up at him.
"I know who I want to be with" I whispered as he let out a slight sigh.
"Whose that then babe" He asked and I kissed him again.
"Mm dont do this to me" He whispered.
"Huh?" I giggled stroking his cheek.
"I know you want to be with Louis, Dont lead me on" He shrugged looking down.
"Harry, I wanna be with you, Your the one I wanna be with, I love you" I smiled as his eyes shot up to mine.
"For real?" He gasped and I grinned and nodded.
"We're getting back together" He grinned climbing on top of me.
"Yeah babe" I smiled wrapping my arms around his neck as he passionatley kissed me.
"Oh god I love you, I need to tell everyone" He grinned jumping off the bed and running downstairs. I climbed out of bed and made my way into the kitchen as he picked Natasha up and span her around.
"We're getting back together Tash" He smiled his eyes twinkling.
"Oh my god, Finally" She squealed hugging Harry then running over and hugging me.
"I love you more than words can say" Harry smiled sitting me on the counter and gently kissing me.
"I love you too, Now can I eat" I giggled climbing down and getting myself a bowl of cornflakes.
"I'll make us a cup of tea....gilfriend" He smirked switching on the kettle as I began to enjoy my cornflakes.

Part Eighteen.
"I dont know if we should do this right now" I muttered letting go of Harry's hand as we stood on the doorstep of his and Louis's house, Where inside everyone was chilling out.
"Do what?" He asked wrapping his arms around my waist whilst Natasha went inside.
"Tell them all, about us, what if Louis doesnt take to well to it?" I sighed resting my hand on his chest.
"He will, He knows we have something" He reassured me and I shrugged.
"Can we let them work it out on there own, just be ourselves, let them figure it out?" I asked him as he smiled and nodded his head.
"Anything you wish babe" He smiled, I gently kissed his lips before we made our way inside. After taking off our shoes we went into the front room and greeted everyone. Harry made his way upstairs to get a shower and change into comfy clothes whilst I sat down next to Danielle, opposite Louis.
"Babe can I speak to you please?" Louis asked and everyone looked over at me raised eyebrows.
"Erm yeah sure" I replied getting up and following him upstairs. I sat down next to him on his bed as he took my hand and interlocked our fingers.
"I want to apologise for last night" He sighed playing with the ring on my finger.
"Its fine babe, Can we just forget about it?" I asked hoping he didnt mention anything about getting together.
"No I want to explain myself" He mumbled looking down.
"You dont need to explain anything, I understand, You where pissed off, You didnt think we where getting anywhere, I understand babe honest" I smiled leaning over and kissing his cheek.
"That was easier than I thought" He chuckled as I giggled. We where sat for a minute or so in silence our hands still locked.
"So er...Are we okay?" He questioned as I turned to look at him.
"Of course babe, We're best friends, Nothing breaks us up right" I giggled hugging him.
"Friends?" He asked.
"Yeah we're friends" I laughed uneasily.
"I know but I thought we where getting together, Now we've sorted and everything" He whispered looking down.
"You've got your date remember" I reminded him as he looked back up at me.
"She isnt, I was just lonely and pissed off, I asked her if she wanted to go out" He shrugged.
"So you arent together?" I asked and he shook his head.
"I like you babe, No one else, Just you" He smiled leaning in to kiss me just as Harry burst into the room.
"Louis bruv have you...Oh hey babe?" Harry laughed uneasily.
"We where just talking about last night" I smiled getting up and wrapping my arms around Harry's neck.
"You two alright now yeah?" Harry asked wrapping an arm around my waist placing his hand on my lower back as the other rest against the door frame.
"Yeah of course...But babe, will you ever let me take you out?" Louis asked. I looked up at Harry a sorrowful look on my face before turning back around to Louis and nodding my head.
"Maybe one day" I smiled ducking under Harrys arm and going to the bathroom. Harry ran after me and pushed me into the room locking the door behind him.
"Im sorry, Im really sorry, I cant do it to him Harry" I whispered tears buliding up in my eyes.
"Babe sh come here" Harry whispered pulling me into a hug.
"I feel like i've led him on, saying I like him then getting back with you" I mumbled resting my head on his chest.
"You havent at all, You just didnt know what you wanted" He smiled stroking my cheek to reassure me.
"I love you" I smiled slightly kissing his lips.
"Are you sure this is what you want?" Harry asked with a curious expression.
"I couldnt want anything more, Now come on" I giggled taking a deep breath in I opened the door as we made our way downstairs. We cuddled up on the sofa and began to chat away to our friends.
"Harry where did you disappear off to this morning" Zayn asked raising his eyebrows as Liam dimmed the lights to make it serious.
"Went to Gemma's" He smiled playing with the bottom of my top.
"And why did you go there" Niall joined in the interigation.
"She wanted to speak to me and I wanted to make sure she was okay after last night" Harry chuckled looking over at Louis hanging his head low.
"Are you telling them?" Natasha giggled with excitement.
"Telling us what, Out with in" Liam gasped.
"Not saying anything work it out yourselves" I giggled cuddling into Harry that little bit more as he smiled and began to play with my hair.
"I've got it, Your back together" Niall grinned jumping up. A huge grin spread across my face and Harry's.
"No way" Zayn laughed.
"We're back together, For good I hope" Harry smiled kissing my lips gently.
"WHAT THE FUCK?!" Louis yelled getting up.
"Louis im sorry" I whispered.
"No your not, You led me on, You didnt want me, You just wanted to make him jealous your a user" He yelled and I got up and shook my head.
"I didnt, listen to me, I do like you babe, You dont know how hard this has been, You know I love Harry, I tried to hide it but I couldnt, Im sorry" I shrugged taking his hand.
"No, dont you dare say this! You lied to me, You said we would give us ago, Is it because im not good enough, I dont have the looks like he does" Louis snapped as I began to cry.
"Louis im sorry, Im really sorry" I cried.
"You a slag" He spat in my face.
"Take that back right now, She is not a slag at all" Harry yelled pushing Louis away from me. Natasha grabbed hold of me and hugged me as I cried into her shoulder.
"What have I done Tash" I whispered looking up at her.
"You followed your heart, It'll work it" She soothed as the boys voices began to raise.

Part Nineteen.
"You're meant to be my best friend! You know how much I liked her!" Louis yelled in Harrys face forcefully punching him in the chest.
"Louis bro, Im sorry" Harry sighed trying to keep things civil.
"DONT YOU DARE SAY THAT, YOU'RE NOT SORRY AT ALL" Louis screamed in his face.
"Guys calm down seriously" Niall sighed standing next to them.
"Yeah please? We're brothers we dont fight over girls" Zayn spoke patting Harry's back. Harry looked over his shoulder at me, Tears rolling down my cheeks, He sighed.
"Whatever" Louis sighed storming out of the house. The room was left silent and I went over to Harry wrapping my arms around his waist.
"Babe" I whispered only to be pushed away as Harry followed Louis out of the house.
"What have I done?" I cried falling to the floor. Natasha rushed over pulling me into her arms.
"You havent done anything babe" She soothed as Liam helped me up.
"Just leave them, They'll sort it out, I promise" Zayn smiled slightly as we all sat down on the sofa.
"Im going to have to break up with Harry" I whispered looking down to the floor.
"No no you dont okay!" Natasha sighed rubbing my back.
"I do" I cried into my hands.
"Babe..." Danielle spoke and I shook my head.
"Im going to go for a walk, I'll be back soon" I nodded getting up.
"I'll come with you" Zayn smiled and I shook my head.
"No, Alone" I replied leaving the house and adventuring London cold and alone.

*Natasha's P.O.V*
The door slammed shut, I turned and cuddled into Niall for reassurance that Gem would be okay. The room was quite, No one knew what to say or do. It was odd, Louis and Harry have never ever been like this, Out of everyone we never thought it would be this soon and them two that argued.
"Niall?" I whispered looking up at him.
"Yeah babe" He whispered kissing my forehead as his lips lingered there for a while.
"Will everything be okay?" I whispered a tear rolling down my cheek. I hated my friends arguing and seeing my best friend upset, It cut me up big time.
"Of course babe, I promise you, This will sort out" He smiled kissing me gently. After half an hour Louis and Harry returned laughing and joking. We ran into the kitchen where they where stood drinking.
"Are you two okay?" Liam asked concerned.
"We're brothers, It was a stupid arguement" Harry shrugged finishing his drink and hugging Louis.
"I love you man" They both fake cried as the others smiled.
"Yeah great, You two are fine, But what about Gem ey?" I reminded them.
"Im going to move on, I mean Harry and Gemma are perfect together arent they" Louis smiled.
"Yeah they are, But thats not what I mean, Incase you havent notice, She's not here, She left, I dont know where she wanted to be on her own" I snapped as there faces each dropped.
"She went? What do you mean? Like she went home" Harry panicked looking too Louis then back at me.
"Like I said, I dont know, She's a young girl, Confused, heart broken and alone wondering around London, How should I know where she is?" I shouted at them both.
"She's your best friend" Harry yelled as Louis place his hand on Harry's back.
"SHE'S YOUR GIRLFRIEND!....Unless your changing that now" I glarred at him.
"Im going to find her" He whispered making his way to the front door.
"I'll come with you" Louis replied grabbing a jacket.
""No, Go to hers or something, Please bro, I need to sort this" Harry sighed.
"Sure" Louis smiled. Louis and I made our way to my house to see if Gemma was there, If not we'd wait for her to return. The others went into town and Harry made his own way, clearly knowing where too look.

Part Twenty.
I stood on the old wooden bridge, starring down at the relfection of the moon in the water. The air was still, All I could hear was the gentle rush of the water underneath the bridge. This place was so beautiful, I always came here when I was upset or needed some alone time. No one knew about this place, Or how special it was too me apart from Harry. He took me here the night he asked me to be his girlfriend. We fed eachother strawberries and chilled out on a picnic blanket by the water. I looked up at the sky the stars surrounded the moon before looking back out to the canal. Two arms snaked around my waist and I was held tight against some ones body.
"I knew i'd find you here" They whispered as I held onto the railing along side the bridge.
"Its beautiful dont you think?" I whispered turning my head around to face Harry.
"It is, But there are more beautiful things too look at, Like you, I could stare at you all day long" He whispered resting his forehead on mine as I leant against the railing.
"I love your cheesiness" I giggled wrapping my arms around his neck making him smile.
"Baby im really sorry" He sighed looking down only for me to lift his head back up.
"Dont be, I was wrong to come inbetween your friendship" I replied stroking his cheek with my thumb.
"No babe you wheren't, We where wrong, for upsetting you" He whispered ducking his head and kissing me gently, I kissed him back before parting my lips and tracing the outline of his before out tongues met. After a minute or so, I pulled away smiling as I cuddled into his chest.
"Harry, I love you so much" I whispered smiling as I closed my eyes.
"I love you more beautiful" He whispered kissing the top of my head then diving his hand into his pocket.
"I want to ask you something" He spoke lifitng my head up to face him.
"Go ahead babe" I smiled taking his hands. He took something out his pocket and clasped it tight in his hands so I couldnt take a glimpse of it. He took a deep breath and knelt down on one knee and opened a small red velvet box revealing a gorgeous gold ring with a small diamong in the middle. I gasped and shot my hand over my hand as my eyes filled with tears.
"Babe, will you marry me?" He questioned pulling his collar forward due to tense.
"Harry, Baby we're 17, dont you think its too soon?" I asked stepping forward and playing with his hair.
"Thats the thing babe, I dont want to lose you, Its you I want to marry! You're the most amazing girl i've ever met, I love you with all my heart, You're my life, I'd be lost without you, We never argue, We never bicker or disagree, We're ment to be together" He smiled taking my hand and interlocking our fingers.
"Wow babe, I never knew you thought that" I giggled helping him up.
"So what do you say, Will you marry me in a few years?" He asked resting his forehead agaisnt mine whilst his hot breath tickled my lips.
"Yes babe, I will" I grinned as he picked me up and span me around. He took out a small chain from his pocket and linked it through the ring before placing it around my neck.
"There fore stories wont go flying round, To be on the safe side" He smiled stroking my cheek.
"Its beautiful, I love it, Your amazing" I smiled kissing him passionatley.
"You want me to take you home, Its getting cold?" He asked taking my hand and interlocking our fingers.
"Only if you stay with me tonight" I smiled biting my lip.
"Anything for my fiancee" He winked making me giggle.
"Its so weird you saying that...But in a good way" I nodded, He leant down and kissed my temple. A few flashes came from the distant as the paps took pictures of us as we became more inview. After making it back to Harry's, Zayn was laid on the sofa sleeping. I tip-toed over to him and kissed his forehead gently, he rubbed his eyes and stretched his arms before sitting up.
"Babe, your okay" He let out a sigh of relief hugging me.
"Of course im okay" I smiled hugging him back.
"Where is everyone?" I asked glancing around the empty room.
"Well Liam took Danielle back as she wasnt very well, Niall, Tash and Louis are at your's waiting for you to go home" He smiled playing with my hair.
"Where you all that worried?" I questioned tilting my head to the side.
"Yeah babe, Anything could of happened" He sighed hugging me again.
"But im okay and i've got something to tell you" I smiled as Harry ran upstairs.
"Oooh spill" He smiled as I sat on his knee.
"See this ring?" I asked him and he nodded.
"Me and Harry are engaged, He just purposed to me, We're going to get married in a couple of years obivously as we're too young now" I giggled holding the ring in my hand.
"Woah, He's one lucky guy" He smiled at me and I blushed.
"Im happy for you babe" He smiled hugging me tight.
"Is Louis going to be okay with this?" He asked.
"I spoke to him, He said he's fine, He's happy for us" Harry smiled from the door way as he held onto his over night bag.
"Do you want to come over for abit?" I asked Zayn as I went and took hold of Harry's hand.
"Yeah why not" He shrugged as we locked up and made our way to my house. After arriving we went inside and Harry took his bag upstairs to my room whilst I went into the front room hugging each of them as they also let out sighs of relief.
"Oh my god" Natasha whispered pointing to my neck as I glanced down at the ring.
"He purposed to me Tash" I whispered hugging her to hide my happy tears.
"You need to tell me everything" She squealed making me giggle.
"Of course" I smiled going and sitting on Louis's knee.
"Can we just put everything behind us and go back to being friends, I miss you Lou" I sighed hugging him as he smiled and cradled me.
"Of course babe, Of course" He whispered kissing my head as Harry came down. He stood in the doorway smiling, I looked over at him before getting up and kissing him passionatly. Things where changing, everything was working out, i've had most of my bad luck things where only going to get better right? WRONG.

Part Twenty One.
A few weeks had gone by since the whole coruption with Louis and Harry. Everything was back to normal, Louis was dating a lovely girl called Eleanor and Harry and I where still going strong. Harry and I had just finished a late sunday dinner, Louis was at Eleanors leaving me and Harry alone.
"Now the clearing ups done what do you want to do?" I asked him as we went upstairs to his room.
"Whatever you want babe" He smiled collapsing back onto the bed as I clambered next to him.
"I love your place its so nice" I smiled stroking his abs.
"Thanks babe, Its not nice with the money though" He moaned switching on the TV.
"I really should go home soon, Im meeting Tash at 9" I spoke sitting up.
"Dont leave me" He cried slamming his face into the pillow as I giggled along to his joke.
"I'll see you tomorrow anyway" I laughed sitting on his back so he couldnt roll over.
"Why dont you come round after you and Tash have done what ever your doing" He suggested turning his head to the side.
"I dont know how late it'll be, We're only going for a meal" I shrugged laying down next to him.
"I'll be up....waiting for you too return" He winked so I rolled my eyes.
"If your sure" I smiled hugging him.
After half an hour I decided to get up and go.
"Right babe, I'll see you later" I smiled wrapping my arms around his neck and walking backwards down the stairs.
"Mmm okay" He sulked holding onto my waist. I stopped at the front door and leant up and kissed him gently before letting him go.
"Thats it?! No tongue?" He yelled folding his arms across his chest.
"Later" I winked putting on my shoes and opening the door.
"I love you" He called and I turned around to face him.
"I love you too" I smiled before leaving and going home. Natasha and I where meeting at The Ivy at 9 just for some food and a catch up as we havent spent much time together, her being with niall and me being with harry most of the time. When I arrived home I poured myself a glass of pineapple juice and vodka then went upstairs to get ready. I showered and dried before putting on my underwear, I slipped on my turqoise skinny jeans and a white top before putting on my heels. I sat down and blow dried my hair and straightened it then put on my make up. When i'd finished getting ready I collected my clutch bag containing my money then left the house, locking the door behind me I made my way to meet Natasha.
"Hey babe" I smiled greeting her with a hug before sitting down opposite her.
"Hellooooo" She grinned sipping at her wine.
"I ordered you a drink" She smiled nodding towards the glass of red wine.
"Thanks" I grinned sipping it just like she did.
"I hate the fact we never see eachother" She sulked slouching down in her chair.
"Me too! I havent been home for about 5 days" I mumbled folding my arms.
"We'll start spending more time together, It sucks not being able to talk to anyone about my sex life and girly things" We both laughed as the waitor came over.
"What can I get you beautiful ladies to eat" He winked at us and I bit my lip at Natasha.
"I'll have erm Chicken Carbanara please gorgeous" I winked at him as he grinned towards me.
"And i'll have lasagneeee" Natasha grinned clasiping her menu together and leaning over to the waitor as he took it out of her hands then collected mine.
"Can I get you any more drinks?" He smiled bending down so he was level with the table and our eye line.
"No thank you babe" Natasha smiled taking a gulp from her wine.
"Okay" He sulked standing up.
"I'll have a serving of you though, if your on offer" I joked playing with the bottom of his shirt.
"Oh hell yeah" He winked scribbling his number down then walking away to the middle aged man calling his name.
"Gem" Tasha laughed gob smacked.
"What?" I giggled entering his number into my phone.
"Erm have you forgotten you have a boyfriend?" She giggled taking my phone and texting the lad.
"Not at all! But Harry's always getting girls numbers and flirting, No harm done right?" I smiled as she handed me back my phone so I opened the sentbox. [Table 8, You remember that, Come back soon;D!] I let out a childish giggle before placing my phone on the table.
"Does it not bother you?" She questioned.
"What?" I laughed slightly.
"Harry and his flirting" She asked tilting her head to the side waiting for a response.
"It used to, A hell of a lot, not as much now though, I get jealous yeah, But at the end of the day its me thats banging him" I smiled shrugging my shoulders cheerfully making her laugh as our meals where placed down by a different waitor. We tucked into our meals discussing our relationships and planning our next event, One we finished eating we decided to settle on an ice cream sundae to share. Our empty plates where taken away and our empty bottle of wine was replaced by a new one, The friendly waitor swaggered over placing our ice cream sundae in the centre of the table.

Part Twenty Two.
"Aww he was lovely" I giggled as we stood outside the restaurant after paying and saying goodbye to the waitor, turned out he was also called Harry.
"Well babe, Back to Nialls for tonight, Girly day tomorrow?" Natasha suggested pulling me in for a hug.
"Of course babe" I smiled hugging her back.
"Text me" She winked walking away.
"Goodbye" I yelled waving, She waved back before we made our seperate ways back to our boyfriends. It was pitch black, I decided to take a short cut through the park, Would be quicker to get to Harry's that way. I made my way slowly across the squishy land, It was so hard to walk in heels! I heard rustling amongst the bunches surrounding the park, I thought nothing of it, Probably just a cat or something. I picked up my pace and began to power walk across the park as I began to get freaked out. A man appeared from behind me his pace quickend as he began to catch up with me, My heart was beating like crazy. I got out my phone and text Harry [Babe, Some ones following me, Im really scared:(xxxx] I sent the message then put it back in my pocket and quickend my pace as it began to slow whilst texting. The man was catching up to me, He had a tracksuit on and a hood covering his face, I text Harry again, Normally who would text me back ASAP or ring me straight away if I was ever worried or scared about something, But he hadn't? [Harry, Please im scared, Im really scared!xxxx] I started to run, The guy ran after me, I rang Harry numerous amount of times, I text him again just before some one grabbed my arms holding them behind my back and dragging me out of sight.
"Let me go, Please" I cried squirming around. He patted down my sides then my front and back, His icey cold hand stroked along my neck and down the chain of my necklace as I flinched and held my breath. He looked up into my eyes pressing his body against mine then snatching the necklace away from my neck.
"No please" I whispered tears rolling down my cheeks as I tried to take the necklace back.
"Nuh uh little girl" He smirked stroking my cheek.
"Please let me have it" I cried as he shooked his head.
"Got anything else for me?" He asked and I shook my head frantically.
"Hmm shame" He shrugged, He leant down and kissed the corner of my lips before running away. I slumped down by the tree crying into my knees, He took my engagment ring, Harry wasnt here at the time I needed him most. I slowly got up and started running to Harrys. I ran up the door knocking on it furiously until some one answered.
"Im coming" A voice yelled as the door swung open and Louis stood there as soon as he saw me his face dropped.
"Babe whats happened?" He panicked pulling me in for a hug but I pushed him away.
"Where's Harry, Where is he?!" I cried going into the front room Louis following behind.
"You really dont care do you" I asked starring at Harry whilst the 3 girls and Zayn sat quietly watching me.
"Oh my god babe what happened" He gasped getting up and dashing over to me.
"Maybe if you had your phone this wouldnt of happened" I cried covering my make up stained face with my hands.
"What do you mean?" He asked taking my hands and interlocking ours fingers.
"When im anxious or scared you always ring me or text me back straight away, But this time you didnt, I needed you Harry, I was so scared" I whispered as I launched my arms around him and he cuddled me tight, I felt a tear drop onto my shoulder as he squeezed me that little bit tighter.
"What happened?" He whispered in my ear.
"I was walking back from the restaurant...I cut through the park and this guy started following me, So I text you and rang you, But you didnt reply...So erm I started running and he ran after me, I text you again, I started crying I was so scared" cried into his chest as he cradled me.
"Please tell me he anything to you" Harry gulped squeezing his eyes shut.
"No not like that, He searched me, He took it Harry" I cried again.
"Took what babe" He questioned and I placed my hand where the necklace used to sit.
"He didnt" He whispered and I started crying.
"He did, Harry, I was scared, I didnt want to do anything incase he hurt me" I whispered looking down.
"Your lieing, Your lieing to me" He replied shaking his head, I turned to face Louis tour pouring down my cheeks.
"Harry she's not you can tell by the state she's in" Louis replied patting Harry's shoulder.
"No you lost it on purpose" Harry snapped pacing the room.
"No I didnt! Why on earth would I do that? You really think im that low" I asked him tilting my head to the side, he looked over and shrugged his shoulders.
"You're the shittest boyfriend ever! I just got fucking mugged, I tell you im scared and worried, You accuse me of making this up! FUCK YOU HARRY" I yelled at him making my way for the front door.
"Im the shit boyfriend? Wouldnt surprise me if you did to be honest babe! Remember that bracelet I bought you and you claimed you where robbed" He snapped leaning against the counter.
"Baby you know how sorry I am about that, But do I seriously look like ive made this up?" I asked him and he shrugged and looked away from me.
"Well thanks Harry, I'll go speak to some one who does care" I whispered leaving the house and making my way home whilst ringing Natasha.
N: Hello?
M: Hey Tash
N: Babe you alright?
M: I really need you
N: Whats happened?
M: I got mugged on the way home, He took the necklace witht he ring, Harry thinks I made it up, I need you Tash
N: Im on my way home i'll be 10 minutes!
M: Thank you
N: No need babe, See you soon
The phone went dead as I ran the rest of the way home making my way inside and collapsing on the bed in tears.

Part Twenty Three.
*Harry's P.O.V*
I woke up in the morning letting out a deep sigh, Sleeping alone again. Its been 2 weeks, Gemma and I still hadn't made up, We've seen each other but we havent spoken. Im still pissed off with her, but im so crazy in love its hurts that she's not around. I clambered out of bed and got dressed into black jeans, blue polar and a light grey blazer. I sorted out my hair then put on some after shave, grabbing my phone I made my way downstairs for breakfast.
"Morning baby" Louis cooed squeezing my cheeks.
"Morning" I laughed making myself a cup of tea.
"Buzzing to see the fans today" He grinned sitting back at the breakfast bar.
"Yeah same" I smiled at him before pouring the water into my mug then the milk after taking out the tea bag.
"You seem alot happier today" He spoke with a mouthful of food.
"Im okay" I shrugged helping myself to some toast.
"I spoke to Gem the other day, She said she misses you" Louis spoke I turned my back to him whilst I finished making my toast before sitting down opposite him.
"I miss her too, Crazy amounts! I just im still angry at how she could do that" I mumbled biting into my buttery toast.
"You dont know if she did" Louis reminded me.
"Give it a few mores days and i'll make up with her" I sighed as he got up from the table.
"You do what you thinks best, Theres not pressure to make up" He reassured me by patting my back before going upstairs. After I cleared up I went upstairs and cleaned my teeth and slipping on my trainers before going back downstairs and waiting for Louis. Couple of minutes later a car horn beeped from out side.
"Louis hurry up" I yelled up the stairs as he came running down them.
"Im ready lets go" He replied locking the front door as we climbed into the car along side Niall, Liam and Zayn. It was our last date of the radio tour for our new single, it had been crazy! The amount of fans that had came out to greet us, it was un real, The only thing thats kept me going these last few weeks. Niall and Louis where having a conversation about Natasha and Eleanor, Liam was asleep and Zayn was cheekily grinning at his phone. Normally at times like this i'd be texting Gem or on the phone to her, Or I would have even dragged her along, Guess i'll have to entertain myself. We finally reached the radio station and the screams coming from the front was striking. We dashed in the back doors or the station and where greeted by a middle aged man. We decided to do the interview first then go out and greet some fans. The interview was simple, just an introduction of our selves. We where asked if we had girlfriends, I didnt know what to say, I just replied 'Its complicated' which it is.
"Right, Im buzzing" Zayn grinned jumping up from his seat as we dashed downstairs and out the doors where the young girls began screaming our names and the odd few began to cry. We made our way around the barriers having our pictures taken and signing autographs when one girl in particular stood out to me.
"Hey babe" I smiled at her.
" god" She muttered starring lovingly at me, I let out a slight laugh then looked down at her neck. She had this gold chain with a ring on, it looked exactly the same as the one I gave Gemma, My mind must be playing tricks on me?
"Do you like it?" She asked patting her neck as I looked up at her.
"Yeah its lovely, Where'd you get it from?" I asked her starring back down at the familiar item.
"My dad gave it to me for a birthday present" She grinned handing me her book to sign. After signing the book I asked if I could have a look at the necklace. The one I gave Gem was one of kind, she couldnt have the exact same ring, its impossible. She handed me the necklacke as I examined the ring, I soon rememeber I got Gemma engraved on the inside. And there it was, right behind the small crystal was the engravment of Gemma. I gasped, I panicked, I smiled and then a rush of guilt came through me, She was telling the truth after all.
"If you like it that much, You can have it, I dont like it anyway" The girl giggled.
"Aww babe, I love you" I smiled hugging her before running over to the boys and diving on them. All the girls screamed and started taking pictures, They loved our bromance.
"Whats up?" Liam asked as I had the worst look ever on my face.
"Can we talk in the car?" I asked and they nodded. We waved by to there fans and getting into the car and making our way into town for nando's.
"Haz whats up?" Zayn asked and I handed him the necklace and the ring.
"You found it?" They gasped looking at Zayns hand then me.
"This girl had it on, She said her dad gave it too her" I mumbled looking down.
"She was telling the truth and I didnt believe her, My girlfriend got fucking mugged and I through everything back in her face" I sighed as they each gave me sympathetic looks.
"She wont forgive me" I whispered putting my head in my hands.
"She will, She loves you too much not too" Niall smiled patting my arm and I shrugged.
"I've fucked up big time" I mumbled.
"We'll find a way, You'll just have to apologize in an extra special way" Louis winked nudging me.
"She wont want to have sex with me" I muttered as they let out a laugh.
"I mean something like, Take her some where special and give her the ring back, serenade her, tell her how much she means to you, Works on the movies" Louis smiled proud of his thought.
"You guys are amazing" I grinned as we shared a bromantic hug. We finally arrived at Nando's, we sat down at a table then went and ordered pretty much everything on the menu. I was over the moon that i'd found the ring, just something in my heart knew she wouldnt want it back.

Part Twenty Four.
"RIght babe come get up" Natasha smiled from my door way.
"No, there's not point, im going to be stuck in all day on my own" I mumbled shoving my head into the pillow.
"You wont, We're going out come on" She laughed sitting at the end of the bed.
"I miss Harry Tash" I whispered keeping my eyes shut to hide my tears.
"I know babe, I know" She sighed getting up.
"Make me a coffee?" I asked cheekily sitting up. She nodded then made her way downstairs as I got up. I changed into black leggins and a cream and brown wooly stripey jumper. I straightened my hair then applied my make up. I put on a few braceletts then made my way downstairs helping myself to some cereal and drinking the coffee that was made for me.
"So where abouts are we going today?" I asked her finishing the last spoonful of cornflakes.
"Just to the canal" She shrugged going upstairs. Why the fuck did we have to go there, thats the last place I wanted to go! I cleared up the kitchen then went and cleaned my teeth then covered myself in perfume. I put on the music channels downstairs whilst I waited for Natasha.
"Shall we go?" She asked looking up from her phone.
"Yeah" I smiled turning off the tv and putting on my black converse. We left the house and made our way towards the open field with the canal. Natasha was making small talk most of the journey she was texting Niall, Well I guessed it too be Niall. When we arrived we walked along the bank skimming small rocks along the canal and spotting fish.
"So what do you plan on doing here?" I sighed as we stopped in the middle of the bridge and dropped sticks down into the water before racing to the other side.
"Yay I win!" She grinned turning to face me, A grin spread across her face as she looked over my shoulder.
"Shut the door, turn the light off, I wanna be with you, I wanna feel your love, I wanna lay beside you, I cannot hide this even though I try" A soft gentle voice sang from behind me. My mouth went dry and my heart began to beat faster, I looked up at Tash we was grinning at me crazily.
"Heart beats harder, Time escapes me, Trembling hands touch skin, It makes this hard girl, And the tears stream down my face, If we could only have this life for one more day, If we could only turn back time" They continued to sing, I span around on my feet and there stood Harry. A single rose and the necklace in his hands. My eyes widened and I clasped my hand over my mouth.
"You know I'll be, Your life, your voice your reason to be, My love, my heart, Is breathing for this, Moment in time, I'll find the words to say, Before you leave me today" He sang before taking a breath in and stepping closer to me resting his forehead on mine.
"Im so so so sorry, For everything, Accusing you of lieing, Being a shit boyfriend, Not being there for you, Im sorry, I really am, I love you so much...Please just take me back?" He whispered starring down at my lips before looking into my eyes. Tears rolled down my cheeks and I launched my arms around his neck and hugged him tight.
"Of course i'll take you back, I love you too" I cried hugging him tighter. He pulled away and placed the necklace back around my neck and handed me the rose.
"Where did you find it?" I asked him placing my hand over it.
"A fan had it on, Said her dad gave it too her" He mumbled looking down.
"Oh" I whispered drying my cheeks.
"Im sorry" He whispered tears in his eyes.
"Dont be its okay" I smiled pressing my lips against his.
"I've booked a room in a hotel for a few nights, Stay with me?" He asked and I nodded as he kissed me.
"I've got all your stuff" He winked.
"How?" I laughed as he looked over at Tash.
"She helped me out with all of this, I couldnt stand being away from you any longer" He smiled at me.
"Oh Tash" I laughed pulling her in for a hug.
"I hated seeing you how you where" She whispered hugging me tighter.
"I love you Tash" I laughed letting her go.
"I love you too, Now you too behave, Im going to Nialls" She giggled and I rolled my eyes.
"Text me" I smiled as two arms wrapped around my waist.
"Think you'll be too busy to text" She winked quickly walking away before I could say anything. I turned back around and cuddled into Harry's chest letting out a sigh that everything was fine.
"Shall we go?" He asked pulling the hood on his jacket over his face.
"Yeah" I smiled interlocking my fingers with him as we kept our heads down and made our way into town to the hotel.

Part Twenty Five.
We arrived at the hotel and Harry led the way to the room we where staying in. We made our way into the lift and continued right up to the top floor. He took my hand and we made our way down the corridoor, He unlocked the door to our room then turned around and winked at me before opening the door and closing it behind me.
"Harry, This is crazy" I gasped walking around the room then adventuring into the bedroom.
"Like it" He asked slithering his arms around my waist.
"Yeah I love it, How long we staying for?" I smiled spinning around in his arms and wrapping mine around his neck.
"2 nights" He smiled back resting his forehead on mine.
"Just me and you" He whispered before pressing his lips against mine, His tounge pressed against mine as we kissed passionatley for a short while. We pulled away both smiling and sat down on the sofa and put on the music channels as I turned and cuddled into Harry's chest.
"I was thinking we could just chill for a bit then go to the restaurant downstairs and have a meal" He suggested glancing down at me and playing with my hair as I smiled and closed my eyes.
"Anythings good aslong as im with you, I've missed you Harry" I whispered. He pulled me onto my lap and cradled me as he repeatedly kissed my head.
"I've missed you too babe, So much" He replied stroking my hair.
"So you still going to marry me?" He chuckled running his index finger along my collar bone.
"Of course I am" I smiled looking up at him and kissing his lips.
"All good then" He winked flicking through the channels for a film to watch.
"Oooh leave this on" I grinned as Men in Black appeared on the scren.
"Your wish is my command" He joked slouching down in the sofa as I rest my head on his lap and we watched the film.

After the film had finished I made my way into the bedroom getting changed into a red body con dress and black heels that Natasha had packed in for me, obsviously being in on Harry's plan. I did my hair and make up whilst Harry got changed. As soon as we where both ready we left the room locking the door and making our way down to the lobby. Harry took his hand in my whilst we where lead to our table in the restaurant. We sat down opposite eachother and where handing our menu's, we each ordered a glass of coke. They where brought over to us, we then ordered our main courses before starting to talk.
"You know when you got mugged, What actually happened?" Harry asked taking my hands in his and starring intently into my eyes.
"I took a short cut across the park and this guy started following me thats when I text you and rang you and I started to run, he started to run, He grabbed my arms and pulled me over to this tree and stroked my neck before taking the necklace, I pleaded for him not to, I'd give him whatever he wants but he wouldnt listen, He kissed the corner of my lips then just left" I shrugged sipping at my drink and avoiding eye contact.
"Baby look at me" He sighed shaking my hand, I looked up at him and he smiled at me reassuringly.
"Im sorry for not believing you, But now i've learnt from my mistake, I'll protect you with my life, I promise" He sternly spoke and I smiled.
"I love you" I grinned.
"I love you too babe" He smiled as our meals arrived. They where placed down infront of us, we let go of eachothers hands and began playing a gently game of footsies under the table whilst we ate, every now and then Harry would give me the odd cheeky wink making me giggle like a school girl.
"So desert?" He grinned clapping his hands together and I shook my head as he frowned.
"I've got a better idea" I giggled cheekily as his eyes widened. He called the waitor over in a hurry as I sat back laughing to myself. He asked for the bill and kept glancing from the waitor to me, The waitor came over and in a flash the money was down and I was being dragged out of the restaurant still laughing.
"Can we go for a walk first?" I asked slowing down my pace.
"Nope" He called pushing me into the elevator as it began to go up to the top floor. I folded my arms across my chest and began to sulk. Harry came over and wrapped his arms around my waist then kissed my forehead.
"We'll go for a walk tomorrow night, I promise" He smiled stroking my cheek.
"Okay" I grinned as the elevator stopped and he unzipped my dress.
"Harry" I squealed whilst he ran down the corridoor desperatley trying to unlock the door to our room. I zipped my dress up the best I could then jogged to our room shutting the door behind me.
"Harry" I called stumbling into the main room whilst taking off my shoes. Hands grabbed my waist as I was pulled into the bedroom and forced down onto the bed making both of us laugh.
"Its been a while, Are you proud i've coped?" He winked joking around.
"Very proud Styles, very proud" I smiled lifting his polo off his head as he unzipped my dress and I shuffled out of it and crawled to the top of the bed. His jeans dropped the floor and he climbed above me kissing up my stomach then planting a passionate kiss on my lips before the bedroom events corrupeted.

Part Twenty Six.
"Wow" I gasped rolling onto my back with my arms above my head.
"You just keep surprising me dont you babe" Harry laughed breathlessly.
"I've got too, If I dont you'd get bored of me" I giggled turning my head to face him.
"I could never get bored of you" He chuckled crawling over to me and resting his head on my chest and began to draw shapes on my bare stomach.
"I've been thinking babe" He began and I froze.
"Nothing bad dont worry" He continued as I let out a sigh of relief.
"Well Louis's thinking of asking Eleanor to move in" He paused and I frowned. I didnt really get along with Eleanor, She didnt like me after the whole Louis thing.
"So I was thinking, Do you want to find a place of our own?" He questioned lifting his head from my bare chest and looking to my eyes.
"Babe you sure? I mean, You and Louis have great laughs, You and Eleanor get along well, Wouldnt you get bored seeing me every day?" I asked stroking his back.
"Of course im sure, I see Louis all the time, Besides he's 20 now, he needs his space, I'd rather spend more time with you, We dont see eachother that much, I'd never get bored of seeing you" He reassured me by placing a kiss on my lips.
"Well babe, When we're back we'll have to start house hunting" I grinned leaning up and kissing him passionatley.
"You know what this means right?" He asked tilting his head to the side.
"What...?" I asked frowning.
"A heck of a lot more sex, BOO YA!" He yelled punching the air.
"Thats all you ever think about" I giggled laying down as he sat up looking down at me. He pulled the covers down to my hips and began to kiss up my stomach making me fidget.
"Think of all the places though babe.." He whispered placing his lips on my belly button.
"The sofa, The kitchen table, The garden, Everywhere" He placed a kiss after each thought before pressing his lips against mine and rolling over so I was on top of him.
"So you want to find a place of our own so we can have more sex?" I raised my eyebrows.
"No of course not" He laughed I put my arms above his head and tangled my hands in his hair.
"What kind of house do you want?" I asked pulling my hair to one side as he cheekily bit his lip watching my movements.
"I dont know" He laughed slightly moving his hands to my bum.
"We havent done this for ages" He mumbled kissing my neck.
"Done what?" I giggled turning my head to the side.
"Cuddled" He smiled.
"Babe we cuddle all the time" I laughed sitting up and pulling the douvet up before laying back down.
"Yeah but not naked" He whispered trying to hide his smile.
"You are so immature" I shook my head at him he shrugged his shoulders and kissed my neck again before biting onto it.
"Harry" I gasped before letting out a cheeky giggle. He eventually let go of my neck then pushed me off him as he climbed out of bed and slipped on his boxers.
"Could be more gentle" I sulked pulling the douvet up under my arms.
"Remember when I gave you a love bite and you got in shit with the teachers at school" He laughed opening his bag and pulling some clean clothes out.
"That was not funny" I muttered trying not to laugh.
"It was" He smiled sitting on the egde of the bed next to me.
"For you" I giggled wrapping my legs around his waist and kissing his back.
"I love it when your like this" He grinned as I ducked my head under his arm.
"Like what?" I smiled stroking his stomach.
"All attention seeking and lovey dovey" He chuckled taking my arms off him and handing me my underwear.
"I dont like it when your like that though" I sulked looking at him.
"Im hungry babe" He laughed crawling above me and kissing me.
"Mmm okay" I sighed pushing him off me then slipping on my underwear. I made my way over to my bag and got out some clean clothes. I got changed then did my hair and make up, I went and cleaned my teeth then went into the kitchen area and made us both a cup of coffee.
"Where we off to eat?" Harry asked snaking his arms around my waist.
"Well im not hungry so where ever you want to eat" I replied handing him a drink.
"Nando's it is" He winked going to sit down as I went to find my phone. I text Natasha letting her know I had alot to tell her before getting ready to go out.
"Harry come on" I called waiting by the door. He finished sorting himself out before we made our way into town.

Part Twenty Seven.
The few days at the hotel where over and we had just arrived at Harry's after dropping my things home.
"We're back" Harry called dodging past the bags laying on the floor. We went into the front room where Louis and Eleanor where sat cuddled up.
"Hey babe" Eleanor grinned jumping up and hugging Harry.
"Hey Lou Lou" I giggled leaning down and hugging Louis.
"Gemma" She smiled slightly before sitting down next to Louis. I smiled at her wickedly then wrapped my arms proctectivley around Harry.
"We've just finished moving all of El's stuff in" Louis smiled whilst we sat down opposite the couple.
"Well we have some good news actually" Harry winked at me before looking up at them both.
"Do share?" Eleanor smiled towards him.
"We're going to find a house together" Harry grinned squeezing my hip.
"Is that really a good idea?" She asked and I frowned at her.
"Why wouldnt it be?" Harry questioned her whilst Louis kept quiet.
"Well you've been arguing alot, How long will you last living together" She chuckled resting her head on Louis's shoulder.
"Every couple has there rough patch" I snapped sitting up.
"Babe leave it come on" Harry smiled taking my hand and getting up.
"Fine" I muttered following him out of the room and up the stairs to his bedroom. He sat up against his bad and grabbed his iPad, He put his arms by his side as I climbed inbetween his legs. He wrapped his arms around my waist holding the iPad infront of us and resting his chin on my shoulder.
"3 bedroom, Master bedroom with an en suite, Big front room, Garden with a pool" Harry whispered in my ear and I smiled.
"That sounds nice, But I dont think I can afford that much" I sulked and he let out a laugh.
"You wont need to pay anything until you finish college" He replied opening up the internet.
"Not long now" I smiled watching the screen. We began looking through pages and pages of houses.
"What you planning on doing when you've finished college?" Harry questioned tapping his finger on a picture of a house to enlarge it.
"Im not sure, Modelling or Photography" I replied copying his actions and selecting a different house.
"You've done most of your exams though right?" He asked and I nodded leaning my head back on hi shoulder.
"You're lucky, You dont have to worry about a levels and exams and stuff, you dont even need any GCSE's" I laughed and he let out a chuckle.
"I know but one day One Direction will come to an end" He sighed looking at me.
"It will some day, but when you've all got married and had kids" I smiled kissing him.
"When we've got married and had kids" He chuckled handing me the ipad to show me the house he liked.
"This place is gorgeous" I gasped looking up at him.
"I must admit, I like this house" He smiled back at me.
"Hmm we'll think about it" I replied handing him back his iPad. He favourited the page then tweeted before placing it on the floor and laying down on the bed.
"Im going to head back soon babe" I smiled resting my head on his chest and playing with the tassles on his joggers.
"Urgh why?" He moanned kissing my forehead and stroking my hip.
"Night in with Natasha, She wants to know all the details" I rolled my eyes leaning down and kissing his lips.
"You wanna watch a film before you go?" He asked and I nodded. He got up and put on Series One of Inbetweeners box set as we sat back and cuddled up.

After a good few hours of giggling and cheeky kisses I decided it was time to leave.
"Text me?" I winked wrapping my arms around Harry's neck.
"Sure thing babe, Off out clubbing with these lot later i think" He shrugged.
"Yes you are" Louis yelled from the other room where the boys where all relaxing after Eleanor went home.
"Good bye" I giggled kissing him softly before making my journey home. When I got home I made my way upstairs and put it on charge as it died whilst I was at Harry's. I then went and climbed into the shower. Afterwards I dressed into my pj's and tied up my wet hair before going downstairs. I poured aload of sweets into bowls and put them into the front room. I went and collected my phone then went back downstairs. I got out the DVD's and turned on my phone as I waited for Natasha to come back, She said she would be back at 7 its now quarter past? My phone vibrated and I had a few messages from Twitter then one from Natasha reading...[Hey babe! Im sorry I cant make it tonight, Me and Eleanor are going shopping for our double date tomorrow night! I'll make it up to you!xxx] I chucked my phone down on the sofa in frustration and put on The Pursuit of Happiness and ate the sweets. Another message came through on my phone from Harry saying...[Enjoy your night babe! I love you!xxx] I quickly replied saying...[Not happening any more, She's fucked off with Eleanor, Stuck home bored and alone!:( I love you too, Enjoy your night babe!xxxx] I crawled up under the blanket on the back of the sofa and ate the sweets whilst watching the film.

Part Twenty Eight.
I climbed out of bed in the morning and went for a shower, Afterwards I dressed into some leggins and a knitted jumper. I straightened my hair and applied my makeup, After that I got a back sorted then made my way downstairs to grab some breakfast. I finished my toast and coffee then made my way upstairs to clean my teeth. I slipt on my uggs then left the house and made my way to college. The last few days had been warmer than they had been, only reaching 11 degrees but still better than -2 or something. I stopped off at Starbucks and grabbed myself a coffee, there's was always better than the ones I made. I was waiting in the queue when Natasha and Eleanor came swanning over to me.
"Hey babe" Natasha grinned.
"Hey" I simply nodded handing over my change as I waited for my coffee.
"You want to come shopping with us then Nando's with the boys at 1?" She smiled at me.
"Tash you know I have college all day" I sighed taking my coffee and adjusting the strap on my shoulder.
"Oh right yeah, sorry" She sighed shrugging her shoulders.
"Oh well, bet it sucks being the youngest sometimes doesnt it" Eleanor wickedly smiled at me as Natasha giggled. I walked away from them and left the shop, my phone began to vibrate in my pocket as I had an incoming call from Harry, I sighed before answering.
M: Hey
H: Hey babe! Where've you been hiding?
M: What?
H: Well its just none of us have seen you for ages
M: Thats probably because you all arrange things when im at college and you know I cant come then on an evening no one wants to do anything that involves me
H: Oh right, Well are you coming to Nando's today?
M: No! Im at college for god sake, Natasha just asked me this
H: Alright alright, Well i'll text you or something
M: Yeah I really doubt that Harry
I sighed down the phone then hung and and put it back in my bag. I havent been wearing the necklace he gave me with the engagment ring on for a long while, Just felt like to me he was having second thoughts on our relationship. I entered the college building and made my way to class. I plonked myself down and waited for Tilly to come so I can have a good old rant. Eventually she came over smiling away.
"Hey babe" She grinned dropping her back on the floor and placing her pen on the table.
"Iya" I giggled as people started taking there seats.
"Hows things?" She asked frowning slightly.
"Shit still" I shrugged fiddling with my pen and looking away from her.
"Whats happened?" She asked and I told her about bumping into Natasha and Eleanor then my phone call from Harry.
"Oh babe" She sighed giving me a hug.
"Everything was fine...Now im just alone" I mumbled slamming my elbows on the table and dumping my head in my hands
"You've got me, You know what, I was thinking, Maybe we could go to Nando's after college, We finish at 2 today" She suggested and I smiled and nodded.
"I'd like that" I grinned as the teacher came in and took the register. The last few lessons we've just been chilling out, after all our exams where over.

The bell finally rang at 2 so Tilly and I made our way to Nando's for a well deserved meal. We where taken to our table and we sat down and began scanning through the menu's when I heard a group of familiar laughter. I turned my head to see Liam, Niall, Harry, Zayn, Louis, Eleanor, Danielle and Natasha all sat around joking. I looked back at Tilly and let out a sigh.
"Do you want to go some where else?" She asked and I shook my head.
"I want Nando's and Nando's I shall have" I grinned jumping up as she came to order with me.
"Gemma" A voice called but I ignored it and spoke out mine and Tilly's order.
"We'll bring you're meals over shortly" The waitress smiled handing us our glasses.
"Lets get pissed on coke" Tilly joked making me laugh. We filled up our glasses and added some ice before walking back over to our table.
"What up with her?" Harry mumbled in a hush tone, But obviously not hushed enough.
"I dont know, She never wants to do anything with us" Natasha shrugged.
"Not being funny babe, But I really dont like them" Tilly laughed slightly as our meals came over.
"I find it quite shocking that my so called 'boyfriend' and 'best friend' havent even spoken to me since i've been here" I muttered.
"Hate life" I laughed and Tilly nodded her head.

Part Twenty Nine.
It was the last week of the boys started tour. I hadn't seen much of Harry the last few weeks. He's been out alot with the boys and rehearsing. Ive been pretty much on my own. I finished college on friday, We all had a small party and I got quite drunk. The most fun i've had for a while. But since then I havent really left the house, I've had the odd text off Harry every now and then but nothing from any one else. The only person i've really seen is Tilly. Life wasn't great at the moment, the only good thing I could start job hunting and being more independant and not having to rely on Natasha for everything. Something else had been bugging me, I kept being sick every morning, I know that normally happens with pregnancy's but I knew I wasnt pregnant well I hope I wasnt. I woke up in the morning and rubbed my eyes before grabbing my phone and reading my message from Harry. [Babe are you coming to any of the tour dates? Would mean alot if you came!xx] I didnt bother replying, Like I hadnt with the rest of the texts. I didnt know what was wrong with me, I thought I was depressed but I didnt know how that felt, i've never been depressed. I feel so isolated. Natasha has became best friends with Eleanor, we hardly speak any more, we live together and we never see eachother. We've became so distant since I got with Harry and she got with Niall, but Eleanors with Louis so that cant be the problem? She was my best friend, I told her everything, now i've got no one to speak to and its getting to me really bad. Im constantly having break downs and I cry myself to sleep every night, Bottling things up is something im not used to. I never see the boys any more, They're on tour and are always busy, I decided i'd go to the last tour date, Surprise Harry and sort everything out and support the boys. It was only a few days away and as weird as it sounds I was so nervous...

I was in the middle of doing my hair, ready to go to the concert. I was only planning on staying backstage then taking Harry out to speak about everything, Besides I had big news for him and it could possibly be the end of us. I finished straightening my hair and I tied it up in a loose bun, leaving my fringe down, I put on a thin navy blue bandana with small white birds patterned along the material. I dressed into a white rolling stones tops, dark high waisted denim shorts and a brown leather jacket. I tied the bow on my heels then applied my make up. I collected my phone then left the house locking the door and making my way to the venue. The concert was about to start, I made my way through the back smiling at the bouncer before walking down the long corridoor to the backstage area. I saw the boys stood in a huddle microphones in there hands and huges smiles on there faces. They where so happy was I about to ruin all of that? I waited for them to pull apart before quickly walking over to Harry.
"Good luck" I leant up and whispered in his ear. He quickly turned around and he froze, His eyes wondered my body before connecting with my eyes.
"Babe" He whispered stepping back from me and I sighed and looked down.
"Can we talk later, Please?" I asked him and he shrugged and nodded before going back over to the boys. They all gave me a look of disgust. I felt tears in my eyes. This was my worst idea ever! The boys made there way onto the stage, harry looked at me one last time before dissppearing and screams filled the area. I reached the back of my neck and unhooked the small gold clip and handing the necklace to the bouncer who smiled at me coming in.
"Will you give these to harry please?" I asked him also placing the personalised house key Harry had given me for his home.
"Sure thing" He smiled shoving his hand into his pocket and realising the items.
"Thanks" I smiled slightly before making the long treck home in the cold. After arriving home I began to pack up my belongings. Mostly just my favourite clothes and nessecities, Childhood memories and little things that made me smile. After packing everything my room looked empty. I dragged my bags downstairs and sat at the breakfast bar, grabbing hold of the notepad and pen we used to write shopping lists on, I began to write a letter addressed to everyone but mainly to Harry.

To My Second Family!
     This letter wont be that much of a shock to you. Im just letting you all know how I feel and that i'll be safe wherever I end up. Everythings just gone down hill. My life has been turned upside down. I feel so isolated, I never see any of you any more. I have no one to talk to about my problems, I have to bottle everything up, Im not used to that! Natasha you where my best friend,
but we've drifted and I hate it, I havent go any one! I never see you boys any more, I know you've been busy with tour but you all meet up without me, I feel hated! Ive been having break downs and crying myself to sleep every night, I cant take this, Thats why i've written this letter, To let you know i've gone. I love you all so much and im sorry for sounding like a bitch, None of you
understand how hard this is. Harry im sorry for everything and not being there for you and supporting you, I want you too find a much prettier girl who can keep you happy and support you, who you'll eventually want to marry instead of me. When I turned up tonight, I wanted to sort everything out with everyone, But the look you boys gave me told me I shouldnt bother and I wasnt
wanted there.
Im sorry for everything,
I love you all,
Best wishes,
Gem xxxx

I kissed just under my name leaving a lipstick mark before folding the paper in half and writing 'Ma Homies' on it. I grabbed my bags, phone and the spare change on the side before leaving the house. I locked the door and put the key through the letter box then made my way down to Harrys. On arrival I posted the note through the letter box, took one last look at the house before making my way to the train station. After arriving, I waited half an hour for the next train, I paid for my ticket then boarded the train, Taking a seat and dumping my bags next to me, it soon set off and I left London and began the journey back to my hometown of yorkshire...alone.

Part Thirty
*Harry's P.O.V*
We ran off stage after singing 3 songs and we had a quick break and got changed. I noticed Gemma had gone and I let out a sigh. What the hell was wrong with her? I hadnt seen or even spoken to her the last few weeks, Whenever I text or ring she ignored me. Is she trying to tell me we're over? I shook my head and got back into the performing frame of mind. After changing we went back on stage and began to sing.
The concert finished and we went and changed into our joggers then collapsed on the small sofa by the rail of clothes.
"I will never get tired of performing" Liam sighed as Louis rest his head on my shoulder.
"Same" Niall laughed slightly.
"Ready to go boys?" Paul our driver asked and we nodded. We collected our belongings and made our way towards the back door.
"Harry" A gruff voice called, I turned around and the bouncer ran over to us. He shoved his hand in his pocket then put it towards my hand. I opened my hand and he dropped some kind of jewellery onto it and a key. I looked up at him confused and he raised his hands and shrugged before walking away. I looked back down and thats when I noticed, it was the house key I had given to Gemma, Along with the engagment ring.
"For fuck sake not again" I sighed with fustration.
"Maybe she's not worth it" Zayn mumbled.
"You dont' understand" I snapped running after the bouncer.
"When did she give you these?" I asked him and he glanced at his watch.
"About 3 hours ago" He replied and I ran back passed the boys and got into the car. They climbed in after me asking me what was wrong.
"She's pissed me off big time, Why does she keep fucking doing this" I yelled slamming my fist on the back of the car seat.
"Calm down Hazza, We'll sort it" Liam tried to reassure me.
"She's such an attention seeking bitch! Boo hoo I havent seen her much, Im on tour what the fuck does she expect, she didnt want to come along with us at all" I mumbled shaking the seat furiously. The boys just sat back and listened to me rant all the way back. When we arrived home we thanked the driver and headed to Zayns apartment.
"What shall I do?" I sighed grabbing everyone a can of larger.
"You should go round and speak to her, tell her she's being a selfish bitch and if she cant accept that then tell her to take a hike" Louis cheered raising his arm up.
"Yeah go on" Niall cheered.
"Yeah go Harry" Zayn joined in.
"Alright then, See you soon" I smiled leaving the apartment, I made my way over to my car parked around the corner then made my way to Gemma's. I parked up the car and stormed up to the door slamming my fist against it. I waited....Nothing. I knocked again...nothing.
"Gemma open the door" I yelled banging against it, Again nothing.
"Stop doing this! Not everythings about you!" I yelled chucking a small stone at her bedroom window. Nothing, not even a slight curtain move.
"For fuck sake, You're such a selfish bitch" I yelled at the top of my voice.
"Excuse me love" Gemmas next door neighbour smiled from the door way.
"Oh im sorry" I panicked walking over to her.
"No worries, I just thought i'd let you know she isnt here" She chuckled slightly.
"Oh yeah I guessed that now" I giggled bowing my head.
"No, I mean she left with all her belongins, She must have had about 4 bags surprised her little arms didnt snap off" She laughed and my head shot up.
"She what?" I whispered.
"She left" She frowned confused. I ran back to my car climbing in just as my phone began to ring, Louis.
H: Lou she's not here she's left with all her things?!
L: We know mate, You need to get back theres something for you
H: Huh?
L: Just come back, It'll be made clear
H: Okay im coming now
I ended the call and made the journey back to the apartment.

Part Thirty One.
After arriving in Yorkshire, I smiled at the familar surroundings before hopping on the bus and making the 15 minute journey to my brothers house.
I slowly knocked on the door and it was flung back straight away and his face dropped.
"Gem?" He gasped and I smiled and pulled him in for a hug.
"Surprise" I shrugged stepping inside and closing the door.
"What you doing here?" He grinned hugging me again.
"I've left London" I muttered.
"Oh no, Whats happened?" He sighed switching on the kettle. He made us each a hot drink and bought them through into the front room.
"What hasnt happened?" I joked and he chuckled slightly.
"Tell me everything" He smiled patting my shoulder. I explained everything from Harry purposing to me, loosing Natasha, the boys having some kind of hatrid towards me and to this present moment.
"Wow" He sighed draining the last bit of liquid from his mug.
"Yep" I muttered playing with my fingers.
"Harry's a cunt now, He's turned into a complete prick" He snarled slamming down his mug.
"No, Matt he isnt, He's caring and amazing, He's just confused, I havent exactly been much help" I shrugged letting out a sigh.
"This isnt your fault" He replied shaking his head.
"If I ever see him i'll..." He began but I interupted.
"You wont do anything okay, You wont see him, We're though! Now tell me about you and Charley?" I asked as he began to talk about his beautiful girlfriend called Charley.
When we eventually finished catching up, he showed me to the spare bedroom. I unpacked my things then changed into my pajama's, I made my way back downstairs and curled up under the blanket as Matt came back down and we began to watch a film whilst laughing and remembering our childhood memories.

*Harry's P.O.V*
I burst into the kitchen where everyone was sat around the breakfast bar in complete silence, Niall was comforting Natasha as she cried.
"Whats happenend?" I panicked as Louis stood up and pulled me in for a man hug. I hugged him back then he handed me a piece of paper, I looked back up at him and he looked down and I began to read out loud.
"To My Second Family! This letter wont be that much of a shock to you. Im just letting you all know how I feel and that i'll be safe wherever I end up. Everythings just gone down hill. My life has been turned upside down. I feel so isolated, I never see any of you any more. I have no one to talk to about my problems, I have to bottle everything up, Im not used to that! Natasha you where my best friend, but we've drifted and I hate it, I havent go any one! I never see you boys any more, I know you've been busy with tour but you all meet up without me, I feel hated! Ive been having break downs and crying myself to sleep every night, I cant take this, Thats why i've written this letter, To let you know i've gone. I love you all so much and im sorry for sounding like a bitch, None of you understand how hard this is. Harry im sorry for everything and not being there for you and supporting you, I want you too find a much prettier girl who can keep you happy and support you, who you'll eventually want to marry instead of me. When I turned up tonight, I wanted to sort everything out with everyone, But the look you boys gave me told me I shouldnt bother and I wasnt wanted there. Im sorry for everything, I love you all, Best wishes, Gem" I spoke whispering the last part as I felt my heart break and my world come crashing down.
"She's left, She's actually gone" I whispered dropping the letter and looking up at everyone. Tears fell rapidley down my cheeks and I fell to the floor in a heap as I cried.
"This is all my fault" I heard Natasha sob.
"Its everyones fault babe" Niall sighed patting her back. Zayn helped me up and sat me down and Liam got me a glass of water, Louis kept his head burried in his arms.
"I need to ring her" I mumlbed getting up and dashing around for my phone when Natasha stopped me.
"You need to give her space" She whispered and I pushed her arm away and shook my head.
"YOU DONT UNDERSTAND NONE OF YOU DO" I yelled as the tears began to rush down my cheeks once again.
"Harry we do, My best friend has gone" Natasha yelled back at me.
"Thats your own fault for fucking off with Eleanor, You know what she's like Tash she only has us and you left her at a time we wouldnt be around" I sighed pulling her in for a hug.
"I cant believe what i've done" She cried into my shoulder.
"Harry its everyones fault not just Tash's" Liam sighed avoiding eye contact with me.
"I know it is....but im the one thats let her slip away" I whispered hugging Natasha that extra bit tighter. Before leaving Zayns flat and making my way to mine and Louis's.

Part Thirty Two.
It had been a few days since i'd left, I hadnt heard anything from any of them, clearly they couldnt care less. Matt was getting ready to leave, he had to go back to the army, He said I could stay here for as long as I needed. I'd been on the phone to Tilly alot we'd agreed i'd come back to London for my birthday, I hate having a birthday, but she promised we'd just go out clubbing. I had to leave tomorrow, My train tickets where booked and all I needed to do was pack.
"You sure about this?" Matt asked as I sat down next to him and took the remote.
"Well I cant avoid it forever" I muttered and he sighed.
"I guess so, Now im going to bed, Got to leave early tomorrow" He smiled standing up and ruffling my hair.
"Good night" I smiled turning off the TV and laying back on the sofa letting out a sigh. Was going back to London really the best thing? The thoughts rushing around my head began to calm down and my eyes fell shut as I drifted to sleep.
"NO" I cried sitting up right, My breathing was heavy and my body was sweaty. I let out a deep sigh before trudging quietly upstairs and to my bedroom, I changed into my pj's and curled up in my bed as tears rolled down my cheeks. Worst nightmare by far! Eventually I fell back to sleep after my tears had all escaped.
I woke up in the morning around half 8, I climbed out of bed and went into the bathroom washing my face from where my cheeks were sticky from the tears. I made my way downstairs waiting for my phone to load as I did. I grabbed myself a bowl of Coco Pops then sat down at the table as I began to read the note Matt had left.

Sorry I couldnt say bye properly, Your birthday present is on my bed!
I'll ring you on your birthday, Stay for as long as you need i'll see you soon
Love Matt!

I started to eat whilst checking my mentions on twitter. A few fans had figured out something had happened as I hadnt been seen with Harry for at least a month. I went back onto my timline and noticed Harry had just tweeted. 'LOVING LIFE, SO HAPPY' I felt my heart break into millions of pieces, I didnt think he'd feel like that at all about me leaving, I thought he'd be a bit hurt? Tears again began to roll down my cheeks, I finished eating then ran upstairs. I went into the bathroom and undressed, I climbed into the shower, The hot water relaxed me as I began to wash my hair and body. Afterwards I climbed out and dried myself, I went back into my room and dressed into my skinny jeans and green checkered shirt buttoned to the top, I dried and straightend my hair then applied my make up. I packed my bags then dragged them downstairs, Never thought i'd be packing to go back to London. I collected my phone of the side and rang Tilly.
T: Hiya Gem!
M: Hey im leaving for the train now, I'll be there in about 3 hours.
#: Oh my god I cant wait
M: Who was that?
T: Just erm er my brother getting excited about the new fifa
M: Oh right...okay
T: Well you better go! Dont want to miss your train, Let me know when you're here and i'll come and meet you
M: Oh before I go, Did you see Harry's tweet?
T: Er no why?
M: Oh never mind, I'll see you later
T: Okay bye!
M: See you
I ended the call, Confused as to who spoke in the background, I swear it was Harry but recently everything had been reminding me off him. I left Matts house putting the key through the letter box I caught the bus down to the train station.

Part Thirty Three.
After a few away I arrived in London train station. I climbed off the train and made my way to starbucks for a decent cup of coffee. I ordered my drink then sat down and rang Tilly.
T: Hey babe!
M: Hiya, Erm im here
T: Okay im just parking the car, Where about are you?
M: Starbucks
T: Okay i'll be there in a minute, Get me a coffe babe? Love ya!
The phone went dead and I sighed and got up to get a coffee for Tilly. I walked steadily back to the table with the hot mug and sat down. I checked my timeline on twitter and my mentions
"Gemma" A voice called, I put my phone away and got up as Tilly ran over and hugged me.
"Oh i've missed you" She sighed pulling away and smiling.
"I've missed you too, Its been nice being away and spending time with my brother just sucks now he's gone back to the army" I laughed slightly sipping at my drink as Tilly took a gulp of hers.
"Move back to London" She grinned and I shook my head.
"You will after tomorrow believe me" She wickedly winked finishing her coffee as we got up and left. What was she not telling me?!

After arriving back at Tillys I went into the spare room and unpacked my things.
"So today I was thinking going out getting some new clothes and go clubbing tomorrow night?" She smiled sitting on my bed.
"Yeah that sounds good" I smiled nodding as her grin widened.
"Oh i've been meaning to ask you, Some one spoke down the phone and you said it was your brother, You dont have a brother Tilly?" I frowned folded my arms across my chest.
"Yes I do" She laughed uneasily.
"No you dont" I narrowed my frown.
"Okay I dont" She muttered.
"Who was it?" I questioned.
"It was er...My ex boyfriend" She shrugged and I rolled my eyes.
"Why was he here? You know he's a dick!" I sighed sitting next to her.
"Urgh he came to apologize, I told him where to go" She smiled.
"Right, shall we head off?" I asked her and she nodded, I collected my purse and phone then we left and made our way to the city centre. After arriving and parked the car we made our way straight into topshop. We went through rails and rails of the clothes before finding a few dresses we liked.
"Shall we try them on?" I asked and she nodded I followed her towards the changing rooms and we each got a cubicle next to one another, We pulled the curtains across and changed into the first of 3 dresses.
"Tilly you done?" I called to her.
"Yeah" She laughed we pulled the curtains across and admired eachothers outfit.
"Its not the one" We both agreed before getting change into the other two dresses.
"Next shop?" I asked after buying a few tops and shorts and returning the dresses, With a swift nod of her head we left and went to the next shop.
A good few hours later I had found the PERFECT dress! It was a strappy dress that was tightly fitted showing off my cruves, It stopped just under the bum and the bust area was white and ruffled. Tilly didnt agree on it but hey its not her birthday! When we made it back to her place we settled on having a pizza, a few glasses of wine and watch some films.
"Im going to bed" I yawned rubbing my eyes and getting up.
"I just need to make a phone call, I'll clear up, Good night" She smiled hugging me, I hugged her back then went upstairs. I did my nightly routine then changed into my pajama shorts and one of Harry's tops he'd given me before snuggling down under the covers.

Part Thrity Four.
"HAPPY BIRTHDAY TOO YOU, HAPPY BIRTHDAY TOO YOU, HAPPY BIRTHDAY DEAR GEM, HAPPY BIRTHDAY TOO YOU!" Tilly yelled out of tune at the top of her voice whilst jumping on my bed. I let out a giggle and hugged her as she sat down next to me and handed me a card and a small present.
"From me" She winked and shrugged.
"Oh really" I replied sarcastically opening the envolope and pulling out a personalized card. There where pictures of me and her on the front and some private jokes written on the inside with 'LOVE YOU FROM TILLY XOX' at the bottom.
"Aww babe thank you" I grinned hugging her.
"Open the present" She smiled and I nodded pulling away the wrapping paper revealing a small orange box with yellow ribbon around it, I took of the lid revealing a gorgeous pink pandora bracelet.
"Aw Tilly" I gasped looking at her and she winked.
"Oh thank you so much" I smiled hugging her tight.
"Its okay" She giggled clearing the paper away as we made our way downstairs for breakfast. After eating and watching telly, I made my way upstairs and changed into trackies and Harry's hoody. I cleaned my teeth and tied up my hair.
"What you wanna do today?" Tilly asked as I sat back on the sofa.
"Hmm just chill out before tonight? We're getting wasted!" I grinned and she laughed.
"Sounds good, Well im going to get dressed, This is for you" She smiled handing me a cutely wrapped box.
"Tilly you dont need to get me anything else" I giggled looking at her.
"Its not from me" She smiled leaving the room, I looked back at the present confused before opening it. There lay the necklace and engagment ring Harry had given me. I gasped and picket it up, stroking over the ring I smiled and put it back down. I took out the small folded piece of paper inside and unfolded it.

I know you're mad, angry and upset! But we're going to sort this out.
I havent rang you or text you, Im sorry, I've been told not too and to give you space.
Thats why I gave this to Tilly to give to you so you know I care!
I've got a surprise for you later, I love you so much my beautiful fiance!

Tears rolled down my cheeks and a smile spread across my face, I put the necklace around my neck and done it up at the back. I got my phone off the coffee table and opened up a new message. [I forgive you and I love you xxxxxxxx] I sent the text to Harry and pulled my legs up onto the sofa unable to stop smiling. My phone began to vibrate and I quickly picked it up, Incoming call...Harry. I hestitated before answering
M: Hello
H: Happy birthday beautiful
M: Thank you baby
H: I love you
M: I love you more
H: So im forgiven?
M: You are indeed, Even though I should be the one thats sorry.
H: Baby why did you leave?
M: We'll talk about this tomorrow
H: Okay gorgeous, You ready for your surprise later?
M: Erm I think so
H: Good! You got a nice little dress picked out
M: Oh you'll love it im sure
H: Ive missed you way too much
M: Ive missed you too baby
H: I've got to go now babe, Off out for nandos with the boys, I'll text you though promise
M: Okay babe!
H: Oh and we'll sort everything out with them tomorrow as well, I promise
M: But they hate me!
H: No they dont believe me
M: I love you
H: I love you too princess enjoy your day, I'll see you later
The phone line went dead and I let out a squeal as Tilly came down the stairs, I shot up and hugged her tight as tears of joy flowed down my cheeks.
"Im moving back to London" I whispered.
"Told you you would" She winked hugging me.

Part Thirty Five.
"I do believe its time for me to get ready" I spoke peeling my eyes away from my phone screen reading 7:30 and jumping up off the sofa.
"Okay shout me when you're out the shower" She called as I ran upstairs. I grabbed a towel then made my way into the bathroom. I locked the door and undressed, I climbed into the shower and began to wash my hair. After a few minutes I hopped out the shower and got dry.
"Tilly shower!" I yelled down the stairs shutting my bedroom door I put on my underwear and dressing gown and began to dry my hair. I curled it loosely and pinned back my fringe, I started to apply my make up a thin layer of foundation, blusher to my cheeks and then my eye make up. I got up and put on my new dress, I put on my jewellery and then covered myself in perfume just as the door bell went.
"I've got it!" Tilly yelled as I heard a thumping of footsteps down the stairs. I sat down on my bed to put on my heels, I heard muffled voices downstairs so I grabbed my phone and made my way down. I went into the kitchen and Natasha was stood leaning against the counter talking to Tilly, a present and card in her hand she looked up and smiled at me. I simply turned around ignoring her and went into the living room.
"Happy birthday" Natasha spoke as she entered the room. I sat down still ignoring her so she came and sat next to me.
"You can't keep ignoring me" She sighed looking to the ground.
"Why are you here?" I muttered looking at her.
"Well you're my best friend and it's your birthday why do you think I'm here?" She laughed awkwardly.
"Best friends? If we where best friends you would of text me or called me when I left" I snapped at her.
"I'm sorry I really am, I knew you'd want your space so I didn't bother" she replied handing me the present.
"You would of been here for me when I needed you, I didnt eat for days you all rejected me none of you cared" I snapped again.
"Babe we cared so much! We didnt even realise what we'd done until you left" She sighed looking down.
"I came to watch the boys the night I left, Harry didnt want to speak to me the boys where glaring at me and you where off with Eleanor like you had been for the past months" I replied turning my head away from her feelin g tears in my eyes.
"You needed to focus on college, we didnt know! As soon as we read your note, we where in tears, me and Harry where arguing and blaming eachother, we didnt know what to do" She whispered but I didnt say anything.
"You cant hold this grudge against me" She spoke and I sighed knowing she was right.
"I'm sorry" I mumbled looking at her and she smiled.
"I'm sorry to, really really sorry" she replied.
"Forgive and forget?" I asked and she nodded and pulled me in for a hug.
"Now open the present" She grinned. I pulled off the wrapping paper revealing the back of a photo frame, I turned it over and inside the frame was a picture of me and Natasha when we first became friends on our school sports day. I started laughing at our choice of clothing on that day.
"Thank you" I giggled hugging her. I then opened the card revealing a Jack Wills voucher from her and Niall.
"Ready to go?" Tilly asked from the doorway.
"You coming?" I asked Natasha.
"Of course" She laughed. I grabbed my phone and money as we left the house and made our way to the clubs.